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Hi, I very much like this game, it's my digital heroin at the moment. I have a few questions. 

Will updating to a newer version make the progress, made in older versions, unplayable?

Are there plans to include an "if" command (like seen in excel)?
E.g. If this container is full, do something else, otherwise fill it up again

Would color coding be an option in the future (or something similar)?
E.g. bots coded under the same color could then be paused with the click of one button, like if the team producing logs (hole-diggers, sapling-planters, woodcutters) are working too hard, logs start piling up, I would then just be able to place them under a single color denominator and pause them easily.
Although I could just stop the woodcutters but maybe I'd just like some easily accessible button on the screen that I can map to one or more bots so that they could be (de)activated in a second without having to look for the bot.
Or maybe being able to rename a bot would already be helpful. There are multiple options.


"If" statements : Yes I very much want to put these in but there's quite a bit of work involved getting them to be general purpose enough. It will appear at some point.

Colour coding : We have plans to be able to list and filter certain bots types. I'm not sure exactly how we'll do that yet but we'll look at all the options. We'll certainly have options to customise the bots in different ways besides hats in the future. Renaming will definitely be one of them.

That's nice to read, thanks for the reply!