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Just an Absolute Delight! The letter progression was very well thought out and I like that even when you think you're going down a "negative" path, it's still a good topic of conversation. I'm amazed what all you can do in just 72 hours!

I played this as a sort of valentines special on my youtube channel and don't regret it at all, but as I was running overtime I wasn't able to go in and really explore all the branches I missed. I definitely plan to play again on my own and try them all!

Just played through it again and it's still just as delightful. I think I got all the paths? I can't believe I missed a whole branch where we talk about dogs that I somehow missed! Wonderful job Celia. To quote Zoe's immortal words "thanks for this, I'm having a lot of fun"

I love the quote you referenced

I know this is late, but I just caught up and watched your video! It was really fun, I'm glad to know you're a fellow milkshake enthusiast. Thanks for much for playing our game!