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Thanks for catching that, that bug is fixed now!

Thanks for playing and for your feedback!

As for the collection, since Rose and I usually make games together, we decided to make the Jamwitch account to post collaborations. For our existing games, we used collections to group the games we've made together.

You're right, I didn't account for all the possible orders, especially if you delay giving people their original mail. In a future post-jam update that should flow a little better.

Likewise with the end of the game - we ran out of time during the jam to come up with an official ending... We'll definitely update with some kind of ending in a bit.

Ohhh okay, it all makes sense. Nothing changed about the game itself but I tweaked the description and tags on the itchio page while I was looking at it, so that must be what it’s tracking.

Yep all boards have a path to the stairs, but it's possible to have inaccessible patches of darkness.

Hey, sorry if I wasn't clear, there's been no update for multiple years. 😄 I was just explaining how the game does check if the board is solvable without guessing randomly, but it can still be hard to follow the logic you'd have to use to work it out. (But that's why we put multiple lives, so it's okay to guess or try something out!)

Yeah, technically speaking, there should never be a situation where you have to guess. That was definitely a tricky one to work out though.

Wow, I'm surprised about this game still being on the list of popular Minesweeper games (but I have to say, I do still find it fun myself!) Thank you for playing and commenting! 🙂

Hey, thanks for playing and giving feedback, I always appreciate it (even if I respond late... 😅)

Thanks for the notes. I didn't see anything off with the Potion of Lesser Healing's description or instructions on a couple different browsers myself, hopefully it's okay if you're at 100% zoom. I won't fix the typo unless I have to make any other changes but I appreciate you catching it, always good to know.

And yeah, we wanted to mix things up with the Potion of Game Development.What's the point of making a game if you can't make it perfect, right? 😉

That’s really awesome to hear, thank you!

Thanks so much! It’s always great to see someone enjoying our game. I’m happy you liked the story and got the hang of the puzzle too! 🙂

The  game is playable in your browser only, there's no downloadable version.

For anyone reading this now, we just updated the game with better balanced ingredients and prices, so you'll have to do your own calculations and not rely on spidamoo's. :)

Thank you! Yeah, we ran out of time to put in an ending during the game jam, but just now I updated it and added in a notification if you manage to make one of every potion.

Thanks so much for playing and for the awesome video! It's always super exciting to get to see someone playing our game and it's great to hear what's working and not working.

We just updated the game so potions are even riskier than before, to make your gambling that much more exciting! (And also fixed the bug where an incorrect price was showing on the exploded potions...)

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Wow, nice! Rose and I were talking about doing all those calculations ourselves to make sure we had balanced the prices in the game, but we ran out of time during the jam to sit down and do it! It's awesome that you did.

Nope, it’s endless.

Thanks for playing Golem Quest! You're spot on, we designed the puzzles so poor Lem needs to walk into walls to get through them. I'm glad you found it fun!

I know this is late, but I just caught up and watched your video! It was really fun, I'm glad to know you're a fellow milkshake enthusiast. Thanks for much for playing our game!

Just caught your video - it was really funny and I'm glad you enjoyed our game! Thanks for playing!!

Hey, I'm catching up on notifications and just seeing this. In the current version of the game, after confessing once, you should have the option to confess on every subsequent playthrough. If you're seeing something different, please feel free to provide more details or a screenshot and I'll look into it. Either way, thanks for playing and commenting!

Hey, so we have no plans to offer a downloadable version of the HTML5 game ourselves, but if you have the app you can download it and play offline.

No specific sequel plans right now, but I wouldn't rule out the idea of Zoe making a reappearance in the future. :)

Thank you! And you're spot on, the mechanic was absolutely inspired by Set (which Rose and I both really like.)

Good idea, I just added it!

Thank you! And we didn't use any game engine, we made everything with HTML5, Javascript, and CSS.

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Thank you for the feedback, that's really helpful to hear. I went ahead and extended the time before a hint to 14 seconds. I had also been thinking that if you didn't want to be bothered by hints, you could just turn them off under Settings - but maybe that option isn't very obvious.

It's hard to judge these things as someone who's played the game a thousand times, so it's a huge help to hear your thoughts! Thanks for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for playing! You're absolutely right that we didn't do a good job making it clear how the rows are divided up by age. I'm glad to hear you figured it out and enjoyed the game anyway!

That’s awesome, thanks for playing it! It’s always great to see people’s reactions to the game. :)

Thank you - and a video would be awesome in my book, so feel free! If you do make one please feel free to share a link! :)

Ah! No typing needed, you can just click/tap on the dialogue option you want - but if it's grayed out, that means you don't have enough letters unlocked to choose it. Unlocked letters are visible at the top of the screen. You start with only the letters NOTHING unlocked, so at first, only the "..." option will be clickable.

Later in the conversation, you can answer "No" and earn some hearts, use those hearts to unlock more letters, and then on your next playthrough more dialogue options will be available.

You play through the conversation with Zoe multiple times, and each time your dialogue options are limited by which letters you've unlocked. As you choose different dialogue options that Zoe likes, you earn hearts, which let you unlock more letters for next time. Does that help? Was there anything in particular in the game that was confusing?

Thank you for playing and sharing your thoughts! We tried a lot of variations to balance the sleek two-color visuals we were going for with sufficient distinctiveness for the puzzle, and I'm sorry to hear we fell on the wrong side of that for you. I do like the idea of highlighting only available icons - but the issue we found there was that, since you can match from both endpoints, essentially half the board would be highlighted. It ended up being too much visual info rather than helpful, in my opinion anyway.

These things are always a judgment call, so it's always helpful to hear feedback -thank you!

Hmm, my personal thoughts about the control scheme is that either WASD or arrow keys would be fine, but I had some issues because my instinct was to use Space to jump, so Space deploying the stick threw me off a little. Might just be me though. :)

This is really fun! I'm not a huge fan of platformers usually, but the slime scooting across the screen on his own made this feel dynamic and approachable.

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Very nice. I'll admit I wasn't skilled/patient enough to play all the way through, but I definitely enjoyed it -  the story, graphics, and audio combine to create a great contemplative mood.

I love how much personality this game has. It's an enjoyable feeling to be drawn into an absurd world and just explore it! I smiled a lot while playing.

This is a really cool concept! The actual platforming was pretty hard for me - I kept moving too close to spikes and dying. I really love the aesthetic, it looks cohesive and polished, and the design of the characters is a lot of fun (I love the way they flip directions!)

Very cool! The mechanic is interesting and challenging, and I like the graphics, especially the trail that appears behind you (and the cover art!)

This was fun! While it's a bit of a stretch for the theme, I actually found it a fun challenge to pick out words where the emoji wasn't displayed just based on the first-letter hint. I like the look of the overlapping colored lines, too.

This was fun to play on my phone, nice work. It's so cute, and I love the bin's reactions! The interactions of the trash bumping into each other was fun and made it kind of challenging. I also appreciate the color match, it helped me remember which bin was which.

This is fun, I love the humor in the concept and the intro dialogue!  The ability to practice on the controls screen was really helpful. I still felt a little overwhelmed by what spells to use, so I agree with the comment that it might help to unlock spells one-by-one.

Got it, thanks!