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That’s awesome, thanks for playing it! It’s always great to see people’s reactions to the game. :)

Thank you - and a video would be awesome in my book, so feel free! If you do make one please feel free to share a link! :)

Ah! No typing needed, you can just click/tap on the dialogue option you want - but if it's grayed out, that means you don't have enough letters unlocked to choose it. Unlocked letters are visible at the top of the screen. You start with only the letters NOTHING unlocked, so at first, only the "..." option will be clickable.

Later in the conversation, you can answer "No" and earn some hearts, use those hearts to unlock more letters, and then on your next playthrough more dialogue options will be available.

You play through the conversation with Zoe multiple times, and each time your dialogue options are limited by which letters you've unlocked. As you choose different dialogue options that Zoe likes, you earn hearts, which let you unlock more letters for next time. Does that help? Was there anything in particular in the game that was confusing?

Thank you for playing and sharing your thoughts! We tried a lot of variations to balance the sleek two-color visuals we were going for with sufficient distinctiveness for the puzzle, and I'm sorry to hear we fell on the wrong side of that for you. I do like the idea of highlighting only available icons - but the issue we found there was that, since you can match from both endpoints, essentially half the board would be highlighted. It ended up being too much visual info rather than helpful, in my opinion anyway.

These things are always a judgment call, so it's always helpful to hear feedback -thank you!

Hmm, my personal thoughts about the control scheme is that either WASD or arrow keys would be fine, but I had some issues because my instinct was to use Space to jump, so Space deploying the stick threw me off a little. Might just be me though. :)

This is really fun! I'm not a huge fan of platformers usually, but the slime scooting across the screen on his own made this feel dynamic and approachable.

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Very nice. I'll admit I wasn't skilled/patient enough to play all the way through, but I definitely enjoyed it -  the story, graphics, and audio combine to create a great contemplative mood.

I love how much personality this game has. It's an enjoyable feeling to be drawn into an absurd world and just explore it! I smiled a lot while playing.

This is a really cool concept! The actual platforming was pretty hard for me - I kept moving too close to spikes and dying. I really love the aesthetic, it looks cohesive and polished, and the design of the characters is a lot of fun (I love the way they flip directions!)

Very cool! The mechanic is interesting and challenging, and I like the graphics, especially the trail that appears behind you (and the cover art!)

This was fun! While it's a bit of a stretch for the theme, I actually found it a fun challenge to pick out words where the emoji wasn't displayed just based on the first-letter hint. I like the look of the overlapping colored lines, too.

This was fun to play on my phone, nice work. It's so cute, and I love the bin's reactions! The interactions of the trash bumping into each other was fun and made it kind of challenging. I also appreciate the color match, it helped me remember which bin was which.

This is fun, I love the humor in the concept and the intro dialogue!  The ability to practice on the controls screen was really helpful. I still felt a little overwhelmed by what spells to use, so I agree with the comment that it might help to unlock spells one-by-one.

Got it, thanks!

I woke up this morning after submitting my game and immediately noticed a bug! It was a single line of code to fix, but I see that I'm prevented from uploading a new game build because Gamedev.js is in the voting period. Is there any chance of leeway on that? I know some game jams like LD allow updates to fix bugs so long as it's not an actual change to the game.

Haha, I'm really happy to hear that! Thank you for the kind comments. :)

Sure! SPOILER WARNING for anyone reading this -

The item you need is the amulet you get by casting polygot at the shrine (go deeper into the mountain, past the ogre.) That will protect you from the sorcerer's attack, meaning you can sacrifice health during the rest of the game and keep enough mana to fight him.

Sorry I'm responding late, but to answer your question, it turns out you don't really need any extra hack to get multiple colors. You can just add an additional rgb color under PAL in the game data. Then add COL 3 (or whatever number your new color is in the palette) under the tile or sprite definition.  It works within the Bitsy editor and everything.

Hey, this is a late response but I wanted to say thanks so much for this comment! I love hearing what people think of the game and this was especially kind, thank you!

Hey, this is a late response, but if you want to give it another shot, I'll give you a hint! There's a specific item you need to use to beat the sorcerer, and it's not the potion.

Thanks! Actually, though sometimes it can be tricky to spot and require strategic use of tossing the note (by holding shift), there is always a solution.  :)

Thank you! And I definitely think we'll make more cute dating sims in the future. (We've been considering making a sequel to Witchwood Academy, for one!)

There’s no downloadable version right now, since you can play right in your browser. Just click on the title screen to start.

Hey! This is a belated response, but to answer your question - it was really easy! Ink has a javascript API which was simple to hook into the Phaser code. More info on using InkJS can be found here. And thanks! :)

Thanks so much for playing!

You can only pass the note along the rows and columns of desks, not diagonally. I realize the isometric layout feels a bit confusing, and I'm sorry about that. The illustration of the arrow keys on the instruction screen is a bit of a hint as to how things map - UP moves the note towards the back of the room, DOWN towards the front, and LEFT and RIGHT along each row of desk.

Thank you! Yeah, I thought of a few ways the gameplay could be a little more complex, but I didn't have that much time and plus I just wanted something cute and easy. :)

This is the sweetest game ever! I love Hermie!

I'm really touched by this. You obviously put in a lot of thought about people you'd be leaving and the game is charming and bittersweet.

Omg, this is fun. There's so much great humor throughout. The butterfly ending was suprising and awesome!

This is cute! I love the starry sky.

This is so charming!

Thanks! So the bunnies on the screen were all items, and I also added 6 bunny sprites but didn't put them in the room. After exporting the game, I added some extra code to the javascript to store the history of where the player moved and place the bunny sprites where the player just was - determining the number of sprites based on the number of bunnies in the inventory. A pretty hacky effort but it worked! :)

This is a really fun little game! I liked all the endings and how different they were - some silly, some not so much (the sword ending!) The art is cute - I'm a big fan of the artificer, she looks really cool. :)

Thank you, it's great to hear you enjoyed it!

This looks really cool! And I love the emoticon conveying friendship level, that's so cute.

Wow, that's awesome, that's basically how I was hoping the experience would play out! :D (Well, hopefully without step 2 getting too painful. :) ) Thanks for commenting, I'm really happy to hear you enjoyed it and had a good time figuring it out.

That's a funny coincidence! 😄

@FloLevasseur: Thanks for letting me know! I cleaned up the way I was doing the loop, so try now.

Awesome graphics and the game mechanic is really interesting and fun! I could definitely see this being a full game with other interesting ways to use the crystal ball. Nice work.