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So cute!! I like the structure of the different environments / the different minigames. And I really enjoyed the ending. :D

This was so cute! And your art is so lovely - the colors are amazing and the triptych is really cool!

I don't think I'm interested in doing something like that right now, but thanks for asking!

It's not in Renpy, I'm afraid. Thanks for the interest though!

That's awesome to hear! I'm so glad to hear you're enjoying it, thanks for taking the time to comment. :)

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Hm, we're not planning on it, sorry!

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Ah, this is great! The style is cute and fun and it manages to communicate a really effective bittersweet story with a few simple scenes. My favorite was the TV one - switching channels to advance the dialogue is perfect for capturing them idly hanging out.

This game is so incredibly cute! The art is adorable - I just love Marzipan's entire design, so cute! And it was really fun seeing the characters that pop up at the snack table - and everything works together for a cute, fun atmosphere. As perfect as the Jam ending is, my favorite ending is Baezel's! I'm so glad Marzipan could use her magic to make his dream come true. :)

This is a really cool idea, it seems like the start of a really interesting puzzle game! I love the background art - so cool.

So cute! I love all the cute cat animations, especially how Velo Kitty's tail waves as he bikes! It was fun to play, nice work.

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I like the Dungeon of Flowers cover a ton, so it's great to see such a pretty game version of it! I love the colors. It was very fun and fluid to whack skeletons, and I'm also impressed by the dungeon generation. Nice work. :)

This is such a cool, unique game! It's fun and trippy to play and has such a great style. Nice work.

This is really cool - I love the art and the colors! It was fun but pretty tricky to try to find words because there were a lot of hard-to-work with syllables - it made it interesting to play!

What a sweet little game! It was fun to wave to people. :)

As I would hope from the cover - this is SO CUTE! Nice job. It was a lot of fun - and pretty hard to satisfy those pesky cats. :)

Wow, I love this game! What a great idea - it's a really fun and engaging way to play through their story. You're making choices, but you also have a sense of discovery since you don't know what effect the colors will have on the story.

I loved the story of the characters' relationship and found it really touching, and I also enjoyed the silly endings a lot! Probably my favorite was when the girlfriend was a mermaid - or maybe the magical girl one, except that ended badly. :)

Hey, thanks so much for playing! I'm really intrigued by the idea of interacting with a party too - it feels different from interacting with NPCs you meet in the course of your adventure and then move on, right?

Anyway, thanks for your comments, they mean a lot!

Oh, got it, I didn't realize I should go back out the same way. Eek, the end is scary - I think you did a good job of building a creepy mood throughout the game.

This is really intriguing so far! Where does the WIP end - I seem to be stuck in the room with the woman in green, is that the end or am I missing something?

Wow, this is really nice! The art and writing are both lovely and definitely have a magical fairytale feeling. I believed in the connection between the characters and it's cute to have it revolve around baked goods - but I also enjoyed the sense that there was some more darkness in the mermaid's world, in contrast to the very sweet world of the confectioner, that would come up as their relationship continued. I'll definitely play more if you ever continue it!

Oh no, I'm so confused! The front page says the jam runs until Tomorrow at 11:30 AM - that would be July 2nd, 11:30 EST - so I was going to submit tomorrow, but it also says "This jam is now over"! Did I miss it, or did the extension not work right? I thought I had another night..

Oh, I really enjoyed this. I love the setting - there are so many great details, conveyed in lovely, clear writing. Even choosing a love interest at the beginning - the few adjectives to each person's name were so effective in making want to romance them, I couldn't decide. :) I love the gender norms, or lack thereof, in this society, and how that just increases the amount of possible intrigue!

Anyway, I just really felt I wanted to spent more time in that world, with the NPCs - and with my fabulous and well-dressed PC, of course. Thank you for sharing.

Just wanted to say that I played this game even though I don't understand French perfectly because it seems so charming! I love the art, and the story and characters seem great, even though I don't understand everything.

This is a fun little game and I like the idea of it being in rhyme. It makes me curious if you could work rhyming into a puzzle somehow... Something like, you have to choose between a few versions of a stanza and the correct one is the one that rhymes with the object you want to use? Or something. :) Thanks for sharing!

The game as you planned it sounds very cool, and it was fun to play with what you have - I liked the presentation and the title effect. I think the obscurity of the words is intriguing (and would make the gameplay hard) but I agree that choosing them with some kind of semantic basis would probably be really interesting to explore if you ever came back to something along these lines. Like... what if if you call an apple a cat, that makes it more likely you'll call an orange a dog? If you see what I mean. Likely unrelated to actual aphasia, but interesting... Anyway, I'm definitely intrigued, thanks for sharing!

I like this a lot - it was a fun puzzle to play with the verbs (I definitely went through the following sequence before managing to escape: DROP DROPPER, TAKE DROPPER, DROP TAKER, DROP DROPPER, which entertained me), and interacting with the NPCs was cute. I can definitely see the game expanding if you ever did want to, but I enjoyed it as a proof of concept too.