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The movement to the tile you clicked made me motion sick. Please deactivate that.

In addition there is an easy dominant strategy: build 3 rice farms and 3 samurai bells, then build some more rice farms in round 4. Use packs of samurais to murder the enemies comming in one by one.

The AI is not able to overcome the wall of samurais while you start to build other units because you are bored.

Sadly i found this strategy in my first round, so there wasn’t much fun in it. Artwork is awesome though.

Improvement ideas:

  • add support for multiple AIs on the map
  • make ally system (so you can fight against 2 or more AIs.
  • improve fighting abilities by have AI gang up units and attack in groups
  • have AI build economy
  • more structures: walls/towers/gates
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Thank you for the improvement ideas! 🤗 We originally made this game as a small academic prototype we only had two months to work on, so unfortunately it ended up being a bit lackluster compared to what we wanted.

We had tons more ideas for extra buildings, units and even strategy elements, but unfortunately had to be scrapped. 😅 Glad you liked the artwork! ❤️