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I found what I believe to be a bug leaving me in a dead end of sorts. I attempted to go south from in front of the morgue which resulted in the "Insert Disk 2" screen, but when I click it it just gives me the "You Found Nothing" screen instead of sending me back. Clicking the new screen returns me to the Disk 2 message leaving me unable to continue without reloading the page and losing all my progress.

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Thanks for the heads up. Looks like it's doing the thing I mentioned in the game description about "ghosting" commands if you click on it too quickly. I'll try to come up with a solution in the next update.

Testing out the other areas that give the "Disk Two" display, which is meant to be a notation of where the demo ends, looks like the best course of action is to prioritize adding the room I have planned to the south of the morgue in the next update. Apologies that this glitch caused you to lose progress.