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Intresting game, I got bored and desided to remake the game picture, got to do some other stuff, but I got most of the out line to remake it, is there anything you didn't like, about the orginal, that you would like me to change? 

Edit: Oh gosh, that's a bit big.

Oh sweet! You can vectorize things and make them look smoother.  Sorry, I have to wait until after work to respond to comments.

I made that by using Gimp like MSPaint, my art skills are limited.  If I wanted to change anything, I would make the guy's neck scarf excuse to not draw a face look better, and remember to give the backpack arm straps :P  Otherwise, I would love to see how you would think to improve the title page art!

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Oh yeah, arm straps! I'm using and I'm trying to get gud at art and stuff, I also have a drawing pad so there's that.

I still have a lot of stuff to do like shading, redrawing the lines and more shading. (oh and eyes)

Is there anything that you like or don't?

Edit: just noticed the eyes look really creapy right now.

EditEdit: is that thing on his head a helmet? Not sure if I should be giving it a shine.

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I've worked on it some more, getting close to finishing, besides adding shine to things and more shading. Is the thing on his head a helmet?

Edit: Is the top part of his pack a bed roll?

Nice shading.  That is supposed to be a bedroll.  Looks much less creepy now that everything has pupils :P  The thing on his head is supposed to be a cloth hat with the front flipped up.  Now that you mention it, it totally looks like a helmet.