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Thanks! Like I said before, I was late for the deadline and this was all I could come up with in 3, also I used no engine, it's all pure java. At this point I'm not gonna make any adittions or updates to the game, except if it is a bug. Actually there is no timer xD, if you press space after you start, your game will restart ahaha, but it's ok, because you have to see the block coming.  What I'm gonna do tho, is to remake the game for android and possibly pc. But, that will take a few weeks/months, since I'm currently working on other projects. Anyway, thanks for your review, much appreciated.



Yeah: if you can make a game in Java from scratch (including, I'm assuming, drawing functions), I have no doubt you'd know how to write Android & iOS apps. ^^; Which also means your skills are valued, so no pressure; get what you need done first!


Yep! Draw functions too, I would have written sfx too, but I really ran out of time. Yeah, I hope I can do this one in about 1 - 2 months, but we'll see.