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Hello, it's me again. I have recently bought a PC and have been able to play the demo. I will list the bugs I found here.

- When I first played the adventure mode, I passed by this sign and was teleported inside this house.

- When I exit said house, I glitched into the wall : capture

I can then move into the black area freely and go from house to house, but I can't enter any of them and I have to return to the title screen.

- I found an item on the ground where there was nothing, and I can't make the text message disappear. The animations are still playing so the game didn't froze, but I can press any key and nothing happens : capture (the duplicates are from the escape bug)

And even when I return to the title screen and try adventure mode again, I am still stuck and can't make any movement.

Yeah, a lot of those have to do with the duplicates glitch which I just fixed the other day. If one clone hits a wall, neither can move, they both detect items, they can both enter doors, and the clone is usually off-screen.

Fixing the other bugs will be much easier now that I Cleaned Up My Codebase and can more easily pinpoint these problems.

Hopefully build 5 will have all these things resolved! I'm dedicating next week to fixing every single bug so far. (Congrats on the new computer by the way!)