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Hey, Kwisarts. It's good to see you participating in this jam.

Zelda-like? Come on, it's obviously Metroid-like upgrading! The game has a Varia Suit ripoff and everything. Regardless, I'm glad you liked the progression.

I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with using directional keys. Being able to choose the controls is definitely nice but it's one of those low priority things that often gets left out with a limited time frame. Having to use an AZERTY keyboard certainly wouldn't help with the A being out of place. In the future I'll make sure to bind any A actions to Q as well.

You may have trouble with the direction lock thing, but I imagine the game would be a nightmare without it. It's mainly combined with shooting so I can get as much functionality out of as few keys as possible. A dedicated strafe key is a good idea, though. The issue is just finding a good key to use. I guess I could try using Shift and finding another way to interact with the lift.

I know what you mean with the hitbox, but it's a bit hard to tweak with such low resolution. I tried a 2x2 hitbox at some point but it was weird being able to walk halfway inside walls plus it made it easier to fall into pits. I guess I could try using a different hitbox for different types of collisions, though.

The slow movement of the final boss was partially done in attempt to make it feel more threatening and creepy, though perhaps it didn't result in the best gameplay. Admittedly, I don't have much experience with making bosses and the boss here was a little rushed.

The ammo meter is so limited because I intended for it to be upgraded - this was just its starting state. The original plan was to have collectables that would increase your max ammo (and ones that would increase your max health). However, I left it too late and didn't have enough time to redesign the levels to have optional areas for the collectables or balance the difficulty with the stat increases in mind.

I'm not a big fan of the font, either. The S looks like a C, the N looks like an H, the M looks like a W... It was basically the first small font I found when searching online and I never got around to changing it.

When I say zelda-like, I mean because of the top-down view, the way you get new items. (both metroid and zelda have that item thing going on)

For the lock fire thing, at least in my experience, it's what made later levels harder than they actually were. I kept shooting in the wrong direction because with my habit of shooting, i'd start shooting before turning (or close enough for it to be considered done first) making it terrible when I try to turn to attack an enemy (i lost a lot of health because of it); might depend on the players habit, but at least we know one person who was affected by this :p
About the hitbox, it's true that it's kind of unavoidable with such a resolution... I was thinking about making the bullets have a different hitbox (smaller when enemy, bigger when player) but due to the resolution, it might be difficult. But yeah I guess having an hitbox for registering hits from bullets could also be an option (but with the time frame of the jam, maybe it isn't that easy)
Gotta say for the Boss though, aside from him being too fast, it did feel like a good boss fight.

Ah I see, too bad for the weapon cooldown, I did hope while playing to upgrade it; it's a nice thing that the weapon got upgraded in power though! (though it would have been nice to have an upgrade in power sooner to feel a bit more powerful against some enemies; perhaps between the final power and the initial)
As for the font, I myself used pixelated. It's a bit big, but it's the smallest I found that seemed readable.