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Pretty nice! Love the graphics and sounds! Was really fun to play. What I think could be improved, however:
* Texts. Sometimes, you wish you could skip them, or simply be able to go through them by pressing the action button.

*the grass. You know what I mean :p
*Feeling like you're lost for a good chunk. That's always an issue with such a restriction. A map would have been super cool. I was progressing but to be honest I had almost no idea where I was most of the time. At least, we don't feel at all lost like in LoX1. :p

Overall, pretty nice improvment over the previous one!

* You can in fact press Q to instantly skip a dialogue, like it says on the game page. It's more of a debuggy command though, but it works.

* ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

* Yeah, thought about doing a map. Probably will add one in. There should've been another cutscene up by the gate telling you where you should look for the statues probably

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Ah, yes, sorry! (not like it would have changed the ratings anyway)

Well the map's absence wasn't thaaat much of a big deal since I managed to get lost only once