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I was really enjoying this, but after a few days, things started not working correctly. It started when I tried to make a "Vegetal rope". When I tried to make it, he wouldn't move to start doing it. I clicked to make it a few times then gave up and tried something else. After doing that task, he suddenly went and made the rope, which didn't use any fibers, but instead left me with -5 plastic and 3 ropes. Then even though it said I had 3 ropes, it would not let me craft things that required rope. I had to just quit.

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I was able to finish it on the second game, but if I tried to gather wood twice in a row, the same thing happened. I had to do something else, then the wood gathering would happen automatically after.

Aside from this one glitch, this game is great fun. I like the style, and the progression of tools/houses. The music is very good, too.