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This is a great little game. The look, the sound, the music, the challenges. Perfection in simplicity. Well done.

If you have Pico-8, you can download the cart then export the music yourself.

This was a rollercoaster of emotions, much like I feel this loss must have felt. It was beautiful. Thanks for sharing this.

Very cool little game. Love the music transitions and the "GOTCHA!" :)

This was awesome. Very well done.

This was super endearing and I wish there was more. This has such potential.

It was fun, and surprisingly challenging. Well done.

Dang, this is great. I love the art style. The soundtrack/effects are huge and wonderful. Can't wait for the full release.

It's pretty great. Was really hard to make enough food for under 400 people but after that point I was making so much of everything, I had to constantly sell things just to have space. At 800 people, only 500 were working and I had excess of everything. Would love to see more techs and balancing.

Fun and simple. I played til the end. Well done!

It was super cute. When En said "I'll catch you later." I did a double-take.

Very cool. I love Myrtle. I got 136/135 coins. lol

That was absolutely lovely.

That was awesome. Really love the look and sound of the whole thing especially the "Grove" and the whole last level. Really well done!

Hey! This was really good! I like the little bits of personality they have. Great puzzles, too. Just challenging enough to be fun.

This was an excellent game. The music was really good, and the gameplay and progression was balanced really well. 

This is fantastic all around. Amazing effects, cool weapon/skill and level design pairings, and great music/sfx. Really impressive.

I was told by the jam moderator that Pico-8 is cool as long as the runtime is less than 4MB. Now, exactly what "runtime" means...
Is that the exported .html and .js files that make the web-playable version of the game? Is it the amount of memory used while the game is running? (Pico-8 is limited to 2MB) Is it both of these combined? ...

It was nice and I like lemon sharks now :)

Very nice. It was fun, looked and sounded great, and just challenging enough without getting frustrating. Well done!

Nice. I've got a Star Trek text adventure on my page. You play as Miles O'Brien attending Worf's "bachelor party".

LOVE THIS. Thanks for satisfying my Star Trek and pico-8 fanboy needs. <3


This is brilliant. I love it. Showing my horticulturist friend. <3

When I sent them whizzing across the screen to the right and their colors blended into vibrating streaks of color and light...

This was so much fun. I loved it.

What a beautiful game. The art is great. The writing is short, but full of sensitivity and understanding. It was really great to be able to step into the role of the most selfless and giving member of the family. I put my girl down last year after 13 years old friendship, and it was nice to be able to reflect on it in this way. Thank you.

I also chose hatred, but I just said "Hate." All it did was make me oblivious to it. I suppose our own reality is all we really have.

This game is great. It's simple but engaging. The story parts are excellent. I bought Patrick a house and feel really good about it. Now I want to pay for Toby to go home.

Interesting concept. It was so simple, yet the demand of time gave it a kind of immersion. There was so much to read about each object, and there was so much substance to the story behind each object that I wanted to read them all. But in the short time limit, I didn't have enough time to read more than one all the way through. With another minute or two on the clock I feel I could have enjoyed it more and gotten more of the story.

This was very good. I love how so much back story is implied in so few words, and the idea that a few simple decisions can drastically change the outcome of a meeting. Well done.

Wow. This was intimate, relatable, beautiful... Well done.

Wow. I'm 8 years old again. This is perfect.

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This was very hard! But it was fun. :)

Nice! Cool concept and it was fun. The controls were smooth but just difficult enough to make it challenging.

How do I combine ingredients? Also, the ingredients/stations need labels. I can't tell what anything is. The game seems like it could be fun, but I can't play it!

It's an interesting concept. I like the idea of a classic thought experiment turned into a game. The music is a great choice. The controls are very strange, though, and what's up with that background, and what are those round things in the water?

Hey that was really charming. It was great as is, but it was so fun I wanted more. Larger map, biomes, different crops... Also, I couldn't tell what happiness affected.

This was absolutely brilliant. It was funny, sweet, sad, clever...

My favorite color has always been orange and that s*** touched me, man. 

I'm telling all my friends about this.