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Very cool. This is gorgeous.

Amazing. I would never have thought of something like this. Very cool.



Great game. Nice balance of risk and reward. It'd be nice to have a station where you can buy an extra car.

I love it. The controls feel great. This could be expanded to a much larger game but is so lovely as this tiny package, and the musical choice is (chef's kiss).

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Thank you for playing and commenting! In the early game, you have to be pretty conscious of energy use, especially when you start travelling between star systems. After you find a few artifacts and/or get better at orbital mechanics, this becomes less of an issue. (Hint: let your momentum carry you and be patient)

Very cool idea. I'm gonna propose this at my next game night for as a hold-over for players who have been eliminated from a larger game, or even maybe use it as a puzzle/challenge in a D&D session.

Awesome. Fun little homage to one of my favorite game series.

Very difficult, but interesting strategy game. Well done.

Very fun game. Just the right amount of challenge. I like the different attacks for each vegetable, and the idea of having to grow them but also having to fight them is very imaginative. Well done.

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Excellent game. It was a little frustrating at first, since I personally struggle with the mouse-point-gunfire thing, but once I got some walls built I just had to stand in one spot and rapid fire in one direction.

I like the concept a lot, and the mechanics are great, especially for so few buildings/animals. It could definitely be expanded into a much larger game with different crops with different effects, more animals/buildings, and even more gnome types.

Music and sound effects were excellent. Very professional and fit the mood well.

And I absolutely love the style. The characters and buildings look great and are super cute.

What an imaginative, challenging, and beautiful game that somehow also feels intimate. Amazing work.

This is a great concept and well executed.

At one point it randomly decided to add a curse to me mid-level? I suddenly fell to the bottom of the screen every life and couldn't move upwards, only side to side. On one life it made me move to the bottom right corner and get stuck. Once I died again it just made me go to the bottom again, not the right. Is this a glitch or a randomly chosen curse once below 10 lives?

Super cute game. I really enjoyed it. I did get stuck once. I walked left from the main barn area and somehow got stuck in the trees above the path and couldn't get out. I had to reset.

Very cool idea, and I like the tone chosen. It's pretty difficult to make any stable orbits or systems after adding any new stars. I end up tossing my planets off screen constantly.

Nice. This was very fun, and only a tiny bit challenging. I could see it expanded with many more levels.

As a physics teacher and a amateur game dev, I'm sure your physics teacher was very proud.

Very cool. Super simple little game, but it's also very pretty and just kinda fun to play around with. Nice work!

Great puzzle game. Simple mechanic, but with challenging and engaging play. I also love the look of it. Great work!

This game looks and sounds amazing! Very polished menus and look overall. It's very difficult to control, and the ramp-up in gravity vs distance to the gravitating body makes it hard to predict what will happen, but it was still fun to play and I kept on trying, failure after failure. I also love all the flavor text.

I've also made a gravity-sim game for Pico8. Let me know what you think of it if you get a chance!

Did you even read my comment?
1. I played until the audience was the size of Wyoming. That's not 30 people. That's 500,000 people.
2. What's with this strangely defensive/hostile tone? I said I liked your game, dude. I also asked you how I could better enjoy it, and thanked you.
3. The guy below me had literally the same issues and questions I did. Learn how to take constructive feedback.

Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying it. Yeah, orbital mechanics can be a little counter-intuitive at first, but with some practice it can be really fun. Some of the later artifacts might have some upgrades for your ship ;)

This is awesome. Hard to play with a trackpad. I'm gonna hook up a mouse and try again later.

press x
The only buttons besides arrows are z/x. It might not work in Safari. Have you tried downloading it or playing on a different browser?

It's kinda fun, but it needs to be able to adjust to different screen sizes (resolutions), and don't make the camera lock to the player when they jump. It's jarring. It should move less, or slerp to the position. The art in the beginning is great.

It was a nice casual game. Got easier with more sheep, which is the opposite of how incrementing games usually work. Level 1 is the hardest.

This was great. My high score after a few tries was 204940 (demand 21). Really cool concept and nice balance in such simple gameplay. Well done!

Fun game! Do the green upgrades heal me? It was hard to tell why choosing green upgrades would be worthwhile.

It was beautiful. Katamari-vibes, but with a somber feel.

I played it for a bit. This is great. The whole thing looks really polished. Simple yet fun puzzles. I like all the little particles flying around in the background. The music is chill and nice. Only thing missing is a little congratulatory sfx when completing a puzzle.

This was awesome. Once I got my settlement working well, and my Orriors more than about 20, it was smooth sailing. Excellent job for 72 hours.

Very nice. Simple yet challenging. I got 1353.

Awesome game. Super impressive work. Gonna snag the cart and figure out how you did this.

Nice. Love the staff animation

We all get to sit shotgun in Clown God's clown car. Amen.

This is actually pretty brilliant. Neat idea.

This looks amazing, Mac version, please!!!

This was amazing and adorable. Just challenging enough to be fun and loose enough to be easy. Great work. Love each character's sfx.

This is a really lovely, polished looking game. But the Esc key did not work. (playing on an old Macbook Air) There was no way I could bring up the menu, so I couldn't exit the game, or see if there were any sort of graphics options.