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Hey, thank you for playing! I could tell you were a little drunk during the playthrough, haha. I think it adds character to the video, and I love seeing people play my game! As far as the video itself, I don't think you have to re-edit it, but I think you should feel free to reduce the game volume in your future videos, regardless of the game you're playing. The game's music was kind of overpowering your voice. (Demon's Hymn doesn't have any sound/volume options, but you can reduce the volume using the Windows volume mixer.)

I noticed you had trouble with the wall jumping sections, and I want to let you know it's definitely not just you. I'm going to be making wall jumping a little easier in a future patch. I also noticed you were having some trouble with the wolves (although they do kinda look like cats). The best way to take them out is to run right up to them and attack them before they jump at you. However, there might be some tricky spots where you're better off waiting for them to jump! If you're also curious about the heart drop rate, no hearts will drop when you're at full health. If you have less than full health, enemies have a 75% chance to drop a heart.

Thanks for playing, and thanks for making the video!


Good Morning and Thanks for your reply, I really appreciate it.

I believe in a video being a video with no editing whatsoever because I don't think that it give's a real representation of the game, So I like to keep the video's as they are but 

Yeah, Windows 10 really sucks with the audio when recording. I'm having to use "Ear Trumpet" from the windows store which is a really great little tool for controlling audio levels and allows you to control audio levels on a per app basis which is cool but thinking back to the video the wine forced me to forget about ear trumpet so I will be doing another video today. I also have 2 more youtube channels so if it's ok with you guys I'd like to upload a video to my two other channels and once your happy then I will share on the social media sites which includes facebook, twitter, google+, tumblr, linkedin etc, in fact i'm registered with most of them so i'd like to give the game a big push for you.

I was also chatting with the misses last night and I had a great idea. Any earnings from the video will come back to you as well. The reason I do gaming videos is because it's a hobby and I love gaming so I only think it's fair that the money from the video is given back to you guys. If I can make a little money that would also be cool and if you want to see the video stats any any time then let me know. I will grab them from the channel reports and send them over to you so you can see the earnings and have the funds transfered.

What about donations as well (I'm being lazy by asking lol) have you got a donations link?

Anyway, I need a coffee then I will make a start on some videos.



and also known as 6wayadapter

and you can also find me on twitchtv, dailymotion, metacafe, veho, linkedin etc :)

hard work but I absolutely love it.

Sure, I don't mind at all if you post videos of the game on other sites. I think it's a great idea!

You don't need to revenue-share with me. "Let's play" videos are derivative content in my opinion and you own the rights to those videos entirely. I appreciate the thought, though! If you still feel like donating, I do have a Patreon: