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It could be! It is hard to tell without looking at the game itself, if possible, do you have a screenshot of what you saw in both your screens? Knowing the exact level and codes for you and your friend would help me troubleshoot it as well! But I understand if you cannot.

Another thing it could be is that the direction the character is looking does not matter, so maybe there was a character that matched it just was looking a different way and that threw you off?

Were you able to solve any other puzzles for that map? If a puzzle was generated bugged its very likely that others did as well as consequence, the way puzzles is generating is by following the exact same steps on both games, so one thing off will make everything else be off as well.

Hi Jaime! Firstly, me and my husband played the game and we loved it! I just wanted to say as well that we experienced this bug where the hamster wasn't available. This only happened once and we didn't get a chance to get screenshots but it might be something to look into. Otherwise, I really love the game (although my husband thinks that there should be more difficult penalties for mistakes...I like it the way it is!). Thank you :)

Hi! Thank you for playing! I think I found the bug! Earlier in development there would be a set amount of hamsters, but then we changed it.  There is a rare chance that it will try to put the solution hamster in a non-existent hamster in the map; I'll try to upload a fix asap

Glad to read you like it too! Regarding penalties we were thinking of a time penalty if you are playing with countdown on, but it is not something that can be applied to most of the puzzles, so we tried making it so if you don't get the answer right away, or you mess up, there's still a time loss in one way or another; 

Updated version is up! 

Thank you for reporting it as well! 

No problem, glad to help with the development :)