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That was really fun after I figured out what I was doing! I like the methodical gameplay and the way you can mess up by accidentally making blocks bigger.  The difficulty curve is perfect, I was mashing my keyboard like crazy towards the end! With some graphical improvements and sound effects this could be a very addictive game :)

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First of all, thanks! 

Second, that accident actually gives you more score, but if you are on a harder level, you're done xD

Like I posted on the game's page, I only had 3h before the jam was over, so I had to be quick, I didn't really have much time to make it cool better, also I'm not doing it now, because I think people should vote for what I provided before the voting started. Anyway, I might just use the idea to create a game for android or something, I'm currently working on other projects, but we never no.

Thanks for the critique!