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Nice! The game is getting more and more entertaining with each update.

One suggestion, I think it would be nice to have a way to restore your health over time. Not too much, just enough to keep you playing. For example, you could heal the player by 5 points on start of each level.

It’s rewarding when you get to 1% of health in a fight, but you don’t give up, because you know that there’s still a chance for survival if you stay alive for long enough.


I will have to think about that. I see your point and I kind of agree but I'm worried how that would effect gameplay. This might lead to game runs lasting a lot longer for the best players because a single mistake per level could no longer lead to death.

Perhaps it could regenerate health slightly at beginning of levels but only if it's below some (low) limit. And maybe this could only happen once per game or require some rare power-up.

Thanks for the feedback again!