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New here and just bought the RPG bundle; thanks for the current discount. Though I was hoping to actually have cut tiles in single files available and not just one big file. Also the animations are only the keyframes as PNG, I was hoping to have animated gifs. Am I missing something?

I want to use them in a browser based game, so it will take a lot of time to cut the tiles myself and animate the trees...


Come in to Szadi art. Discord Community Server.

Did that, no one there it seems ;)

Anyway I found this nice plugin for together with the PSD plugin to open the file, I was able to autocut the tiles; just need to sort out the "empty" ones:


In twenty-something years of game development, I have never seen anyone use tiles as individual files. Using a single tile sheet/tile atlas comes with tremendous opportunities for optimization. In the end, you want to create efficiently laid-out texture pages with all of your tiles and sprites. You then reference the UV coordinates of the sprite/tile(s) on the texture page when you need to draw one. This minimizes costly file operations, unnecessary texture page swaps, and much more than I can realistically cover in a quick comment. 

If you're using a game engine, it almost certainly supports tile maps/tile atlases with some kind of native functionality.
If you're drawing to the canvas manually, you should still be using this fundamental approach to implementing tile systems. It's been refined over many years by many intelligent developers.
Please know, I'm not trying to shame you; we all start somewhere.

My point is two-fold:
1) If you're asking for separate files for each tile, you aren't working optimally. In fact, very much the opposite.

2) It's an unreasonable expectation to put on the creator of this asset. No one else is going to need individual files, not if they know what they're doing. So you're asking for a lot of tedious work, at no extra cost, for something only you require.

I genuinely hope this was helpful.

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Forgive me, but everyone learns, one can do that better, the other  that better, but check the new version of the Grass Land v2.0. Regards.

You might have misunderstood me. I was supporting your work and your methodology. My comment was directed at the other poster. 

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Oh, I see. Somehow, I must have replied to your comment by mistake. I meant to reply to his.
Sorry about the confusion. Yeah, it's cool that you go through the trouble to meet people's requests, but I was just pointing out that asking you to break your tilesheet down into individual files for each tile is requesting too much work for no additional cost.

We got it wrong, Sorry for the problem.

Second thing, since you spend so much game development, you should know that long ago strategies and simple platformers were built on autotilling. For rpg games, you have always hand-built graphics, my approach is a bit different. But if you visit my discord server, you would find out that I am trying to modify my resources for people.