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Now when it comes to Linux builds of games, dependencies can in portable builds be a kind of an issue. Full packages do at least ensure these are all properly installed. Now I've been out of Linux for quite some time, but I believe there's the AppImage project to cover this up... Or is that project not running anymore? Since I'm interested in porting the projects I'm doing now to Linux it will be nice to know what the best method of distribution will be (as that has always been a bit of pain in Linux).


As active Linux desktop user I can tell I see the AppImage format quite often. Even some tools here on Itch use it. Tiled for example ports as AppImage. But I have no idea how it handles package dependencies. If you like to play it safe, distribute your game as deb or rpm package as well as a tar.gz archive (for the less popular distros). If possible, include a readme in the tar where you list up all your deps and requirements. I think you basically got it covered well enough that way.

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Thank you for your time. The dependencies I work with now should be rather common (zlib and SDL2, (plus SDL2_Mixer and SDL2_Image)), but since I do not know what the future brings. Linux ports are not even a promise yet, but a friend of mine who is a real geek (and he even takes pride in that, so I can safely say that) did already say he'd help me when the time comes. Yet I do see that AppImage can still be a good way to go to make sure "nothing can go wrong"... well it sounds at least most "fool-proof" to me, at least for the itch app. A deb/rpm may still be an option as separate download for the more "purist Linux user" I guess... ?