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Some updates:

I think many people realised that the forums became basically a barren wasteland with few new posts and such, so I think I'll make my own posts and ideas.


Three of them!

Shortburst Jetpack: A variation of the regular Jetpack, it uses half of an energy bar to use, and, as the name implies, fires off a short burst, but, it can be used in any direction as some sort of dash move, really useful to dodge Spidertron bombs, or anything in general. It can be upgraded to use up less energy. You can't combine it with a regular Jetpack

Shortswords: The Flanker/Chaser Shortswords, they have a small reach, but slice enemy robots twice, they also allow any robot wielding them to survive having their right arm chopped. (How does that work anyways? Aren't robots ambidextrous?)

Plasma Rifles: Those guns fire long ranged Spidertron grenade fragments, which are unblockable, and... wait, didn't I explain this before? Anyways, instead of piercing a robot, they make a 3x3x1 voxel sized hole (3 wide, 3 high, 1 deep), which makes them slightly weaker than a piercing arrow, but the shots are faster, the guns also burstfire, the initial version fires a three-shot burst, the first upgrade fires a five-shot, then a seven-shot, you can also get incendiary shots, which can be upgraded to linger on the ground a bit (Be careful, they can burn you).

EDIT: I forgot, you use up one energy bar per plasma burst.