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A very sweet game you created here!

I wish it was longer actually, with more branching options during the dates and actual "routes" with various outcomes, instead of a single true ending with only one specific character. Now, I'm not actually saying it as a bad thing - the game doesn't feel incomplete or lacking - it's more like I really liked the game and I'd love to have more of it haha!

Thank you so much!! I wanted to make it longer, and may end up updating it. I didn't want my first game to overwhelm me too much, so i kept it more simple. I wanted to add illustrations and stuff but twine doesnt have a good way tp do it ^^' I'm definitely planning on updating it in the future, or revamping it c: 

I'm actually working on a four panel comic series about the exorcist that i might put online eventually!

Oh, that's cool! I really liked the setting and characters, so I'll gladly read it if you put it online - and of course I'll be happy to play the updated game!