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Do you have Cash App or anywhere we can donate?

have you pressed the show more/more info? then run anyway?


extremely unfunny


KILL bram. other then that I CANT WAIT IM SO EXCITED!!

you're so real for this

your view is so interesting on this, i 100% agree with the Christian guilt(tm)

indulge route 😈

you must delete the old game files, if you have not already.


probably... not. it would be unwise as minors would have easy access to it

so , tehe, about the tiktok where you will make a separate game where you get to date him...? smile smile 😌😌

the demo is?? the full game isnt

agreed 👹👹

huh? it... is released. is it not

sounds like too much work

Im pretty sure you can only play on android.  the file systems are different. i have an iphone, it doesnt work


Jack only asks "Y/n, whos this?" at the end of the demo when he comes out of the room to find you and Shaun hugging. There is no after that since that is where the demo ends. This end does not change no matter what choices you make.

There is an after story when you complete the game along with four tapes for lore. In the afterlife/afterstory it is when you and Ian are first moving into the apartment together. 

The tapes range from a couple of things that i wont mention here.

the only issue ive ever had with the audio is when its raining late at night and it cuts off resorting in pure silence besides jacks voicelines.

you can not since this is a demo. in the full version, it will be most definitely be available.

the mini game is simple

all left answers are bad!

all bottom answers are okay!

all right answers (because right is the right way) are great! 

he wants you to make yogurt based on him now! not the him before...

Hello! I realized this comment is 3 years old and I was wondering if there was any advance to this concept??

dont know why you would ask, people already did it before and the developer seemed fine and dandy with it lmao

This is Taeyung. She's a sad comical relief character that's going in my game. I don't know if it's okay to put your creations in the comments but everyone seems to be doing it, so why not join. I can tell there's a lot of MHA fans in the comments too if you scroll down lol


This whole story turned from uwu to ohmygod i'm a crack addict alcoholic and somethings wrong with my cat
It's literally so well made i'm crying. have no idea if i'm supposed to be amazed or scared about what i read

T-Series Takeover.

ate them all goddamn. If you click certain options you can find out who you're killing and by god. It's really interesting short lil text game, literally gave me chills.

Only web browser games that require it. But no, when flash goes down Browser games on will still be playable.

This game hit me so hard. Emotionally and physically with me mashing z to skip dialogue for my speed runs when I did something wrong ;) This game was so well made and actually was so heartfelt. And when you get the "best" ending, it's so sweet! LikE yESS?!?!

I might have some minor feelings for The Seeker when he asked to touch my shoulder ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). But for real, with how creepy it was in some parts then so sweet it made my heart burst- keep stirring that like oml. Keep up the good work!!

"Where should I bite you?"

No options pop up.

"No where I guess, hhhh"

I can relate

I love the game sm and I love how all the music is on Soundcloud. But I can't find the music to where protag is playing the guitar? Does anyone know where I can find that melody? :)

(1 edit)

It's sometimes hard to see that text making the player sometimes guess but It's a cute game, challenging too

Edit: I did it :) The games soundtrack is so wonderful, and yes I was right it is hard. I recommend this to anyone for the cuteness.

c l i c k

When I walked in on this game I was like "lol thats cute supernatural i want to hit that up"

I did not know I was walking in a shit show of politics. This game extremely either agreeable or disagreeable. I choose neither and just embrace the game as it it. You made your game and people lay in it. I don't understand why people are so aggressive about this. When walking out of this game, I left with a clearer mind. I recommend this game to others who think the government is all daisy and happy kids. Love the art, love the truth. 

(hiss if i have bad english pardon me im Russian)