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I love games like this. It's such a simple design, but works really well. The combat, while just button mashing, still feels nice. You also have double jumping, which is always a bonus with me.  The black and white aesthetic is always interesting to see in pixel games, as it gives a somewhat "artsy" feel, but without trying too hard at that. It's also good for adding depth to a game for those who like to imagine their own worlds. Overall, this was a really good time. Good job, dev person.

Have a vidja. (I babble like an idiot, but hopefully it entertains.)

Awesome video! Loved how energetic you were in this lmao. Your little analysis at the end was great. Really really loved all your praise in this, thanks so much!

You're welcome. I just hope I actually made sense with my analysis, heh.

Keep up the good work on the pixel stuff.