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Wow, I had completely forgotten about this game until I found the download about 5 minutes ago. This game is fantastic and the puzzles are great, the graphics are very good and the audio is spot on.

I loved every minute of this game and IIRC I think I either bought or donated to the game but one thing is for sure. I am going to play it again.

Here's the link the full video did 1 year and 8 days ago.

Thanks for a great little puzzle based game guys and I wish you all the best for the future.


ls16geek aka wobblyfootgaker aka weathergamer aka 6wayadapter






Could you allow the video to be shown on so others would watch it from game's page?

Btw I hope I will release a Highlight game in two-three months, a game with more narrative-focused and parkour-styled gameplay. Then I'll be creating the world of Afterlight as it should be created :) Don't forget to follow me on to be notified when a new game releases ;)

Here is a little sneak-peek of what I'm doing:

OMG, I saw the thumbnail and thought that it was allowed. I will enable it now so give it a few minutes to become available.



Yup, it works. Thank you!

It's a pleasure and good luck. If would like me to do anymore video then just ask bud :)