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Dementia is a short horror game that has a solid foundation to become something greater than the sum of its parts. As far as what's on offer here currently - it's too short and doesn't really get the blood pumping the way a horror game should do in this day and age. Still it is worth checking out for its decent visuals and spooky setting. Flashlight mechanic is a bit of a frustration though.

Hi SuperHorrorBros,

Tbh with you, this game wasn't meant to be here on  xD
We only did this for our graduation and that's the reason why it it so short. A lot of people asked us to share this experience with the community, and now that we are seeing all those feedbacks and encouragments to do something better with it.
It brings us to the idea of what could be this game in the future !! And we are seriously thinking about it. But let's start with smaller update first, like fixing this flashlight :P

Peace !