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Hey Slester,

I would like to thank you for your video man :) I totally agree with you about the scariness , I also feel like we could do way better than that. But keep in mind that it was a first experience for us. And the horror genre is not an easy type of game to tackled :D


Hey Jonny,

For some unknown reasons, even if your are using a tool like DS4Tool to emulate an Xbox controller, the camera is doing weird rotation. We are totally aware of that :/
The only thing that I can advice you to do for now, is simply using an Xbox controller. I really hope thaht you have one.


Hey pTs42,

I seriously had a good time watching your video man :) Keep up the good work and thank you for your feedback !


Hi SuperHorrorBros,

Tbh with you, this game wasn't meant to be here on  xD
We only did this for our graduation and that's the reason why it it so short. A lot of people asked us to share this experience with the community, and now that we are seeing all those feedbacks and encouragments to do something better with it.
It brings us to the idea of what could be this game in the future !! And we are seriously thinking about it. But let's start with smaller update first, like fixing this flashlight :P

Peace !

Hey JDotplay,

Thank you for your video !! :) We are curently working on it to get rid of the whole PS4 layout ton this game. So it will be not confusing like that anymore on the future update.  And yeah, this flashlight is apparently an issue for everybody but I hope you enjoyed the experience  anyway. (use the god mode in the pause menu if you want to get rid of the flashlight)


Helloooo GaB,

What do you mean ? Like a walk simulator in a creepy house ? xD It's already something like that at this stage, isn't it haha
Thanks for you video :)


Hey CoalFire,

We have already discussed about it but thanks again for your interesting feedback !

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Hey Sir,

Finally someone had the smart idea of using the god mode to get rid of this (WIP) flashlight reloading :D Thanks you for your video man, I liked it 


We will update the project soon to make it match to your expectations :) There is no need to be harsh like that. I could understand your frustration if we were asking you 5 dollars or even 1 dollar for it.
But the game is set "in development" for a reason, and you have very well illustrated what remains to be fixed.

We thank you very much for your feedback and we are doing our best to satisfy you asap.
Stay tuned !

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We will completely get rid of the PS4 controller because for some reasons the camera is in constant rotation when we are using  a PS4 controller. But we are currently working on making it playable with a keyboard. And the layout will be changed for a Xbox Controller.
Sorry for the inconvenient :/

Hey Raedwulf,
I feel so sorry to disappoint :( But tbh, as mentionned in the description , our first target was a PS4 and not the PC.  It requieres a lot of work to make it runs on both platform at the same time.
That's why we've shared this game/experience for FREE, just to have some feedback from the community, improve ourself and share some fun. Far away from the idea to frustrate any players because it requieres a gamepad.

Hiii Mister,
Thank you for your feedback. It is so much appreciated !
Yeah this flashlight was our biggest issue during the development of the project. But we've planned to fix this soon :)
Haha special thanks for the rain running down the window coz it's something that I made :D It's cool that you've noticed it, we've given a special attention to details !

Yes it is !! :) Play it and give us your feedback. 
We are looking forward to hearing from you soon then 

I had a good time on your video xD You made me laugh a lot.
I never imagined that someone would make a playthrough full of memes with our game :D
Thank you so much for your comment and this video.

Oh maaayn, you have so much energy :D
Your video is super haha I liked it ! And thank you for your feedback at the end. It helps us to improve ourself for the future.
Keep your good energy and continue what your are doing coz it's great ! :)

Hey Famed,
Thank you for your feedback ! Having this graphic quality running on a PS4 was maybe the most difficult part of this project. So we appreciate that you like the visuals ! :)

Obviously this doesn't mind us! Keep up your good work man

Hey Schauerland,
I was about to write something on your Youtube channel until I noticed that your community is German only xD
Thanks for your video man, it is so much appreciated to see ppl encourages us to keep doing our job like that :)