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Oh maaayn, you have so much energy :D
Your video is super haha I liked it ! And thank you for your feedback at the end. It helps us to improve ourself for the future.
Keep your good energy and continue what your are doing coz it's great ! :)

Haha yeah I have energy for days x'D Some people hate it, some people love it haha :P
Thank you so much! I really enjoyed this short demo! Can't wait to see where you guys take this in the future, cause I wanna see more!
And you're welcome for the feedback. That's what I love by doing YouTube videos, not only to play the games which only that is amazing but also to be little bit of a reviewer. And what I've seen so far from this project is great and you can take this places :)
I will! My energy is faaaaaar from gone haha :D

Stay Rad Peps and keep me updated!