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Disturbed: A Hallucinating Tale places you in the role of a man trapped inside his apartment with a demonic presence chasing him around while he attempts to put out 6 candles in order to vanquish the evil within. It has a simple comcept as is a little on the easy side with the enemy not really posing much of a threat. Still it has some scary moments and a neat art style as well as decent audio. It feels more like a concept than a full game but as a free download it's certainly worth a look.

This game was terrifying - but then again I really hate dolls in horror games! The cutscenes weren't the best but the actual game itself was well put together and pretty scary. I'd recommend giving it a look!

Run Rooms features the simple concept of navigating a maze of simple rooms all with 4 possible exits in the pursuit of collecting 12 photographs and a key to escape. However something scary is laying in wait...

This game was terrifying. It gave me one of the worst jump scares of my life after a long tense build up, you never know what will be behind the next door. Recommended.

Grandma follows in the great tradition of scaring you silly with jumpscares. The story of two sisters who have been abused by their satanic grandma is intriguing and pulls you in. The game lacks polish in the animation department, but has a great atmosphere and some well implemented scares. I enjoyed my visit to Grandmas... even if it was short lived. I feel this could be expanded into a great game with some more time in the oven. Worth playing (around 25 mins long).

Dementia is a short horror game that has a solid foundation to become something greater than the sum of its parts. As far as what's on offer here currently - it's too short and doesn't really get the blood pumping the way a horror game should do in this day and age. Still it is worth checking out for its decent visuals and spooky setting. Flashlight mechanic is a bit of a frustration though.

Lunacy is a short horror experience with great atmosphere and some decent scares. It can be tricky to identify objectives around the house which made sections frustrating to play but overall its a strong concept and I'm looking forward to more on this creepy ritual based horror game.

An interesting point and click ghost story with a beautiful art style and ominous sound design. There are a few simple puzzles to solve along the way too. Yurei Station was creepy if not outright scary and had a very surprising ending that stayed with me for a time after. It takes around 15 minutes to complete and is recommended.

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This was a really atmospheric and well put together indie horror. Short and sweet, well worth checking out.

Bendy Chapter 2 got weird! Bendy and the Ink machine is a brilliant concept which fuses a classic Disney-like artstyle with the collect and scare stylings of games like Slender: The Eight Pages. Bendy is developed by the Meatly Games and so far the two chapters available have both been fantastic with a mix of scares, story, tension and puzzle solving in equal measure. The second chapter includes some combat scenarios too! Highly recommended.

The Mystery of Erik was an interesting demo, it had spooky moments and a decent atmosphere as well as a couple of well placed jumpscares. However overall it feels more of a proof of concept than a demo representative of an actual game. There are lots of neat ideas here and the premise of cults and demonic rituals has potential. It's worth a look if you enjoy your indie horror games and we're certainly looking forward to see how the final game turns out after getting a brief taste here...

Hey guys we play Devotion in this video, for anyone wondering about the quality of the game it's actually very good and worth checking out the demo for yourselves.

Bendy and the Ink Machine is one of those rare treats on the indie horror scene, a game that feels genuinly fresh, has the feel of a AAA game in terms of production value, with an intriguing premise and sumptous 30s-era art direction. Bendy has a strong atmsophere and a few genuine and unexpected scares during its short playtime (around 15 minutes on a first run).
We found this game to be a real surprise, in the best possible way, and urge you to try out this initial episode (especially as it's free to play!). We'll be keeping a watchful eye on this little horror gem and are anticipating the release of Chapter 2 in the very near future.

Mono is a really clever concept for a horror game that constantly subverts player expectations, it includes a few well placed scares and has some pretty neat gameplay mechanics. We had a really fun time playing this indie horror game and look forward to the full release on Steam if it gets greenlit.

This was really fun to play. Massively creepy, clever, lots of plot twists and a few well placed jumpscares. Highly recommended!

We got scared to death by this game.

We've been late getting to this but it was actaully one of the scariest games we've played on our channel. Very well put together for the most part, except the controls could be better explained. I'd recommend downloading this game if you're looking for a good scare.

We finished up playing this the other day. It had us on the edge of our seats. Neither of us are a big fan of clowns to begin with... much less a 7ft tall one who can appear at random out of thin air. This game is pretty great, very short but it has a clever concept and is well put together. For a free horror game it comes highly recommended.

Notes of Obsession has an interesting concept with the player using a music box to conjure up glyphs and runes on the walls of a seemily empty house, in order to advance. The gaem features high production value for an indie horror game and boasts decent sound design and animation as well as impressive graphics. We were on the edge of our seat throughout our time with this game!

Mortem is the latest game we played on our co-op horror gaming channel Super Horror Bros. It's very scary and actually made us jump far more than many other bigger budget games we've covered recently. The game has alot of potential to be something really great, a good concept, decent visuals and it's definitley scary as you can see in our video link below. The problem is that currently this demo is full of bugs and technical issues, controls are wonky, and you can end up getting caught on walls and doors. Also the jumpscare doesn't really pop properly most of the time. We'll certainly be keeping an eye on this one.