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At first I thought it would be a boring "run-away-from-monster" kind of game but man, I'm glad I am wrong. This game have enough tension to make my heart beating a little faster (No, I am not all) but not too much that it create frustration. 

The mechanic and the gameplay is pretty good and I actually enjoyed that I need to be a little stealthy than just barraging through the enemies to get to the other side.

The only complaint I have is the riddle is kinda confusing although that is what it suppose to do.  Luckily, the game can still be finished even without me understanding some of the riddle.

P.S. The game stuck at the end although I'm pretty sure it's my computer's fault but still, I want to see the ending. 

My bad, I need to work on making riddles for the player. About the unsatisfatcory ending, actually there's no clear ending at all. It's just hit me after I read your comment. "I need to convey to the player that this game has reached it's goal, not only 'Thanks for playing' message".

Thank you for the Inputs.