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I'm curious: why does the game come with a 40MB+ Help.exe file? AVG detected as a thread, btw.

It's just a Windows 95 gag along with the other Windows 95-esque goodies surrounding this game. Sorry if this has been an issue.

Would you mind e-mailing the AVG warning to support AT astrojone DOT com? We'd really appreciate it.

Got it!
It could be a .hlp file :)

No worries, the game is really cool (spent some good minutes looking at the office window =P) and the BGM sets the correct mood!
I just wish it could save my progress, because I had to stop playing it and when I came back, had to start all over again.

Keep the great work up!

Thanks for the kind words. We're not sure whether we might implement saving due to how the game ends, but we might consider it for future updates. Glad you liked the game.