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Brilliant! I believe this applies to all "something"-as-a-service. I did lose (access to) songs, games, books, TV series and movies because they were removed from the services platforms, that's why I still buy printed books, CDs, DVDs and Blurays every now and then. For the works I really enjoy.

Thank you for this short essay!

@ScorpyX, thanks for the comment -- AI is in our todo list for a post-jam build (but not sure when we'll be able to work on it).

@Midipixel, that was the idea! :)

Thanks! :)

Got it!
It could be a .hlp file :)

No worries, the game is really cool (spent some good minutes looking at the office window =P) and the BGM sets the correct mood!
I just wish it could save my progress, because I had to stop playing it and when I came back, had to start all over again.

Keep the great work up!

I'm curious: why does the game come with a 40MB+ Help.exe file? AVG detected as a thread, btw.