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A pretty bare bones rogue-like deckbuilder with a really cool twist. It's missing some nice features of deckbuilding rogue-likes like being able to look at your deck, look at your passive bonuses, or indicators to see who you're targeting. Additionally, there seem to be some bugs like sometimes the cards appear larger in hand and the Nurse Call card costs 0 energy but requires you to have 1 energy. However, I love the mechanic of damage being based on how my hp you're missing. It's a really cool twist and I could see this being expanded out into a full game.

Also, the 3d models look quite good. Overall, a visually polished game even if some of the cards have very simple art. I really enjoyed it. I'm really impressed that deckbuilding rogue-like could be made in just 7 days.

Another bug, the Vampirism card seems to heal for 10. It still deals 5 damage though.

Bugs... I don't know what you're talking about 👀

Seriously, each day I had to repair the cards mechanic because it not longer worked, but that Nurse Call bug is new to me, I checked the data of this card and the energy cost is 1 so it's odd to see 0 on the card. Same for the vampirism card which is not supposed to heal more than 5, I guess I messed up somewhere... I apologize for my mistakes and hope you appreciated your experience overall !

Overall, it's one of my favorite games of the jam. I'd love to see this expanded into a full game.

I'm not gonna complete this project, but in the future I definitely want to take the time to make something cleaner !