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can you just name some popular distros, thanks for the dependicies thourgh kinda looks like i wont be able to run this on Ubuntu MATE on raspberry pi 3 unfortunately, but should run fine in terms on processing power.

I was personally testing on more-or-less stock setups of Ubuntu 14 LTS and Ubuntu 15;

YoYo Games (makers of software used to make this game and mod) have put up a bunch of games for Pi and recommend RASPBIAN JESSIE for that.

Thanks anyway, through. Hopefully I'm getting a new computer, so I can get Ubuntu on my old computer. Another question, does this work natively with gamepads that use hid drivers on windows, and another thing, when I try to run this/Super Crate Box Together, I always get InitPointExcuteOnce couldn't find KERNEL32.DLL in the dynamic link library. I installed XP 64bit SP2, but this error still happens. This is the main reason why I was asking to see if this would run on Pi 3. (Can't believe I remembered the whole error without looking at it....) Thanks for making this in active dev by the way, have played this on different computer, and works great, even on a terrible network, AND without Hamichi!?!?!?!? Wow, dude, wow.

About Windows XP, there can be some issues here and there. I asked around, and uploaded a test build (1035-windows-beta) that might fix that. Do tell if that helps.

About gamepads, the games currently use functions that map to XInput API. This means that not all gamepads will detect by default, but that can be fixed with software like x360ce or JoyTokey. Apparently this is going to be addressed in one of the upcoming updates of the program, so I'll be updating the games to have support for all kinds of gamepads out of box when that's out.

I think the situation is similar for controller support on Linux - it supports some controllers, and improvements are planned in future.

And thanks!