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Thanks anyway, through. Hopefully I'm getting a new computer, so I can get Ubuntu on my old computer. Another question, does this work natively with gamepads that use hid drivers on windows, and another thing, when I try to run this/Super Crate Box Together, I always get InitPointExcuteOnce couldn't find KERNEL32.DLL in the dynamic link library. I installed XP 64bit SP2, but this error still happens. This is the main reason why I was asking to see if this would run on Pi 3. (Can't believe I remembered the whole error without looking at it....) Thanks for making this in active dev by the way, have played this on different computer, and works great, even on a terrible network, AND without Hamichi!?!?!?!? Wow, dude, wow.

can you just name some popular distros, thanks for the dependicies thourgh kinda looks like i wont be able to run this on Ubuntu MATE on raspberry pi 3 unfortunately, but should run fine in terms on processing power.

what version of linux does this work on?