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hey JNI remember me? i used to comment a lot on AW2 but you banned me on there so i learned my lesson not to get banned no more but i got a good idea you should add the da vinci tank made by leonardo da vinci so the tank would have 8 cannons on it and the tank would have a crew of 3 so crew number 1 would be you the driver but you can only use the front cannon crew number 2 would use all cannons but can,t use the front cannon and crew number 3 same thing as crew number 2 but can,t use the same cannon crew number 2 is using and the tank would have like 1000 hit points.
fire and bombs do most damage because the tank is made of wood but the cannons are metal and yes you can get out of the tank if you like because
there is a hole in the top of the tank to let you get out so do you like my idea or what


that is  taking totally accurate battle simulators idea

not totally its similar yes  but he added his on spin

look i did not take it off TABS it,s just that this tank could fit well into a game like this

it would i agree and it seems good minds think alike (you and tabs)

you have made your point it would be cool sorry

Hi giantboss10, I hope you have learned your lesson and try to keep calm in the forum.

The idea is good, but I habe to think about it, because tabs.