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I love the music and the atmosphere is also nice. The text animation is kind of annoying me tho since it's disturbing the quiet peace. Maybe a fade-in / fade-out would work better here.

Also I'd love to see more with this style, it was definitely too short.

also you just took my comment virginity. First time commenting on, I even created my account just for commenting lol

Wow thanks! The text really seems like a problem for most people, so I'm going to fix as soon as I have time. I'm very happy you started to comment though, you really brought some great points.

Thanks for the reply! :)

Also, I'd love to hear the soundtrack outside of the game. Any links / sources you can give? :3 Thanks!

The game reminded me how the night is always so... beautiful and chill. It's just a little scene but it has such much atmosphere. Would love to see other spots too. Or maybe a little story. But.. yea. Really dunno what to say anymore, the music is so relaxing

I'm a meany, I found the music in the game files.