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did you know there is a speedrunning contest for this? Google "en passant" for more info.

I thought getting between Laplus' horns would be the win for Level 5 but it was not? :O

Is intended that  some puzzles are unsolvable without guessing? I think I can't solve this one:

I... just deleted my save on accident. Could you maybe add a "Are you SURE?"-window..?

Does anybody have any codes for additional levels? Apparently they were distributed on the website etc. but I can't find them.

Really liked it like the rest of the commenters. Short bug report I guess, once you go into the "pink mode" all hitboxes with interactions disappear so you can walk on the door etc. and I completely missed on the upper door on my first playthrough that way

Yea, I've managed to defeat the king now with the fireball :)

But man - the queen... You have to have the perfect run. Does anybody know what you get for defeating her? I don't wanna grind for 3 hours to get to her...

I've been doing close to.. 50 runs now? I unlocked all the characters except the last one and farthest I got was this "castle"-thing... Any tips on what the best character is?

One thing I'd love to see is subtle differrences in the twins' designs. So they're not exactly carbon copies of each other.

You can join the discord server and we can help you with the puzzle :)

The word was "BONELESS" if anyone is wondering. The spoiler is that the pizza the main character delivers is BONELESS.

*sigh* I realised, I wasn't. I was playing the version that was accessible by just clicking on "Install" on the launcher. There wasn't even parry or anything in that version. The gameplay vid I made is out of date bc of that, too :P gonna make another one today.

Fun Fact: it's somehow supported. It works without problems.

Here's a short gameplay vid I made with some criticsm if you want :) 

OOF. How am I supposed to live the boss encounters without getting hit? I'm basically ead after the second one.

Score: 52829.
WPM: 59

FYI: The merlin lines are in french even though I'm playing the english version.

Just wanted to ask: is QWERTZ as a keyboard layout supported?

You messed up the space between the answers. The i and the g are overlapping here :)

I'm a meany, I found the music in the game files.

Thanks for the reply! :)

Also, I'd love to hear the soundtrack outside of the game. Any links / sources you can give? :3 Thanks!

The game reminded me how the night is always so... beautiful and chill. It's just a little scene but it has such much atmosphere. Would love to see other spots too. Or maybe a little story. But.. yea. Really dunno what to say anymore, the music is so relaxing

Really really like it. Would love to see it with a story and more diverse gameplay and having an ending where you ultimatively cannot control the lights anymore and "run out of power". Would really love that, the french revolution is also a superb setting for this as it could be just a "gimmick" game but this really puts your feeling up.

also you just took my comment virginity. First time commenting on, I even created my account just for commenting lol

I love the music and the atmosphere is also nice. The text animation is kind of annoying me tho since it's disturbing the quiet peace. Maybe a fade-in / fade-out would work better here.

Also I'd love to see more with this style, it was definitely too short.