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Thank you for the feedback! I'll add that to the list of stuff to test out!

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Thank you for the feedback! Initially, I was planning for the status UI and info to be completely separate from the game, kinda like Kirby Superstar, where all the UI stuff was at the bottom. But I couldn't due to time constraints. If I get back to this game, I'll definitely work on fixing that up!

Thank you! I personally had a lot of fun with the mechanics when testing the game, so I'm happy you enjoyed it too!

Super cool game! I love the look of the character you play. Plus, the aesthetic is really cool too!

Saw the update, and I had to make a new one. This time it's saved!

Look at this little homie.

Thanks! I've never played a game like this, so designing everything was a challenge. So I'm glad you think that the mechanics were done well! 

Thank you! I'm happy you enjoyed the lil details I added!

I couldn't save the grombit I made, but I had a lot of fun making mine! Love these lil dudes

Thank you for playing my game! I had fun drawing everything, especially the lil ghosts! There's a little learning curve to the controls, so the tutorial's always there if you want a bit of practice!

OOOOooo This game is so cute! I love how the music changes when you have a minute left. Plus the forbidden techniques are such a cool addition too. Yall did a great job. I got 27 points and made 1 perfect bowl of fried rice! :D

I played a bit of it and it's a neat game! I really liked how everything looked and it was fun grabbing cows with the tractor beam.

Thank you! I will probably not add anything substantial to this game for a while. But I have a list of things I want to add and test out if I do! I'll add bumpers to that list too!

Thank you for trying my game! I'm happy you like the style, I worked really hard on it! 

Heyo! I made a lil game using your music. Credits are on the itch page and in the in-game credits! Here's a link if you want to take a look: Thank you for making these songs available! :D

Thank you! I'm sorta surprised people are still finding and playing this old game lol. I'm really glad you liked it! Makes me wanna finish up the games I'm working on lol

Really enjoyed this one. Aesthetic was nice, game play was interesting, and it had an cool mechanic. It's a fun experience playing a platformer with a mechanic that I never really saw before. Good job!

Thanks you so much for playing my game! Sadly, I haven't been able to find the time to add as much content as I wanted to. I still have my eyes set on improving the game, but I have a lot of school work to deal with. There's probably going to be updates later in the year, but most likely in the summer. I'll make sure to make a dev-log if I make any updates or if I hop onto a new game!

I don't have time this year, is there going to be another in the future? If so, is there a way I can stay up to date for the next one?

Sorry, I've decided that I don't need translations yet. This is because I won't be able to do quality checks on it. But thank you for considering my game, I'm very flattered!

Wow thanks, I really appreciate it! Gotta admit the city was pretty convenient, soon that thing will be animated.

Yeah! Joseph's home is a planned to be part of the game, but the inner workings and the overall aesthetic is being brainstormed right now. Thanks for playing my game!

I really liked the video and you made some great points! The short length of the game leaves much to be desired and I'll be working on that. Thank you so much for playing my game!

Thank you! Right now I'm brain storming about characters and scenarios, more will come eventually! 

Thanks for enjoying the game and for the follow! I hope my games can entertain you in the future!

I don't think this game deserves a 10/10 lol. 10/10 is just to much praise for such a little game. But, Thanks a bunch! I'm really happy you like it!

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Got it. I'll fix it when I have the time. Thanks dude!

Wow thanks! I put a lot of effort in making the atmosphere as best as I can. I'm really happy that you enjoyed it. :)

Thanks! I remember seeing gifs or your archer game on discord too. I should really try playing that.

I'm really glad you like it, I really appreciate it! I don't know what else to say but thanks a lot for trying out my game! 

Thanks a bunch, I really appreciate the fact that you commented! More will be on the way!

Hey guys! I just fixed the text speed a while back. Thanks for the feedback!

Good idea, next time I'll make sure there's more content! Also question, how long would you like play sessions? This info could help me with pacing in the future. Thanks for trying my game, I really appreciate it!

Wow thanks! The text really seems like a problem for most people, so I'm going to fix as soon as I have time. I'm very happy you started to comment though, you really brought some great points.

Thanks a lot, really appreciate it! I'm glad the game interested you.