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the building is ok i can get by with the way it is now. i can't show you a screenshot of what you want. when i was putting up the  ceiling i saw you need think it was 4 pillars to each square so i took it all out. i didn't want all those pillars it was just to much. if it could of been 1 pillar for each square like the roof has 1 pillar for each square wouldn't  been to bad.  but with 4 to each square its just way to many pillars if you want a full upstairs floor.  so i built 2 buildings made them just 1 floor thats good enough for now. awhile later i was going to delete my post then i saw you already saw it. other things more important to work on now anyways was just a thought for later on..

Not a problem, I believe I understand what you mean.

I'll have that in-mind the next time I work on improving the building system.

Share as many thoughts as you'd like, I welcome all thoughts! :P

Thank you!