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Same one, i tried to start a new game but it wont just loads same save. i tried it anyways i put something in a storage box saved it then left loaded it back up. i went and looked into the box again the item i put in was still in it so its saving now.

I just started playing 8 days ago. 

I have a Intel core i5-4590 3.30GHz. i have 16 gigs of memory. i have a msi R7 370 4G video card. i have no problem playing Ark. only thing i turned down on Ark was shadows i do that a lot on a lot of games.

Was hoping the the storage box would be fixed. i had 2 one full another almost full i played it again i lost everything in them. i stopped playing it for now till its fixed. right now it lags so bad not much fun anyways. i get frame rates about 11 to 15 so not good. 

using N key will help a lot thanks.

thanks a lot for the info  Dev  : ).  any chance you can fix it so when i turn the music off it stays off? i turn it off then it get daylight or dark it comes back on. i have to keep going in turn it on then save the settings  then turn it off then save the settings again. your game is fun for sure . once we can grow food the trees grow back will make it even better. 

the building is ok i can get by with the way it is now. i can't show you a screenshot of what you want. when i was putting up the  ceiling i saw you need think it was 4 pillars to each square so i took it all out. i didn't want all those pillars it was just to much. if it could of been 1 pillar for each square like the roof has 1 pillar for each square wouldn't  been to bad.  but with 4 to each square its just way to many pillars if you want a full upstairs floor.  so i built 2 buildings made them just 1 floor thats good enough for now. awhile later i was going to delete my post then i saw you already saw it. other things more important to work on now anyways was just a thought for later on..

nice update, wish something could be done with the roof and ceiling looks cluttered with all those pillars. like to be able to make rooms but i can't because i can't put walls and doorways on them.

oh sure now you put the Aluminum loot up to 150 after i leave the island : P.  i like the pick all button and nice to see the bodies stay longer. nice update, i might play your game again later on when you get more added to it.

thanks for the info, i'm off the island. thanks for doing such a good job on the game i had a lot of fun with it.

i have all the parts made for the Engine but i don't see a way to put the parts together. i don't even think the game is setup to do the things needed to get off the island.

like to know how we leave the island. i have all the parts built for the Engine and the boat built and the pack made. i don't see a way to put the Engine together. this mean we can't leave the island yet even if we have all the stuff?

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so many times i have killed off all the guys went to the loot box it wouldn't open. right now i'm really close to leaving the island, i would of been a lot closer if those loot boxes would of opened.

i commented  today on GameEdged video said i wished the guns stayed up then i saw you had a update you have it in it.  wish the bodies stayed longer. the base on the hill by the time you get the last guy a lot or most of the bodies are gone. nice update : )

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auto if you have the  itch app it  downloads them for you.

i like 13 but only thing is its off. i'm looking at the base one lower right of the map. i look at it then look at the map the arrow is pointing to the left of the base. i have to look way over to the right of the base for the arrow to point at the base. probably not a big deal. i just noticed if i crouch and look at the base the arrow is lined up right but when i stand back up the arrow is off.