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Love the style of the game. but you have a lot of work to do still.

Hey Schauerland,
I was about to write something on your Youtube channel until I noticed that your community is German only xD
Thanks for your video man, it is so much appreciated to see ppl encourages us to keep doing our job like that :)


hey :)

thanks, you can comment in english as well, i'll read it and reply to it.

I left some critics at the end of the video here are my points:

- i love the details very porfessional
- sounds are not so good, but I dont know the current state of the game - this will a big tons of work. for me personal - with good sound effects the game comes alive.
- animations are not so smooth right now - they're not bad but they can be better (comparing to graphics they seem a bit low)

if you can include keyboard support and i bet more youtubers will play and share your game.