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does not work for me. red text wont dissapear no matter if i zoom or not or if I'm close or not and stand still for minutes. :(

Well, this was something different. Nice to see such fresh ideas :)

Really funny and also scary game! I love it. Hope to see more like this in the future. Is it planned as a full game or just an experiment?

well, this was a bit disturbing :) 

I like it. Hope to see more games from you in the future

Game was pretty good even tho its PT inspired.
Liked the time travel aspect

Looking forward for more

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nice one. reminds me of Pineview Drive :)
keep going making horror games.

My Video:

Well, that was a disturbing trip.
I really like the sound design. hearing rain always makes me feel cozy
Thanks for the game. Looking forward for more games!

Reminds me of Lost in Vivo.

I really love this art style. Looking forward for more :) (Chapter 2)

Hi. Thanks for the reply. See this trailer 

Very cool game. Great experience. Is this game inspired by "S.O.N - South of Nowhere"?

vergy good sounds, very good graphics and I also like the animations. Disturbing story as well. Are you planning a full release of something similar?
My video is in German language:


Granny is really angry xD (German language video)

The Jumpscares really got me haha :D

But I got stuck at the end where the shadow stands in the Floor. :(

German video

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Really Creepy sometimes ^^

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awesome game. Creepy art style and great jumpscares.

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This was very disturbing sometimes. Very good!

(German commentary in the video)

Wirklich ein sehr schönes Game :) Bin sehr gespannt was ihr draus macht.

Ich schätze das Ende ist so gewollt bzw noch nicht fertig? Freue mich jedenfalls auf mehr!

so is it possible to open or not?

brute force? :D

So... can we find the code to the tiny door in this demo? ;)

Awsome Game. More questions in my head :)

This is my gameplay (german)

Really good atmospheric game. Well done. Would like to see a full version.

Here's my playthrough (German)


That was a nice small exploration game :)

hey :)

thanks, you can comment in english as well, i'll read it and reply to it.

I left some critics at the end of the video here are my points:

- i love the details very porfessional
- sounds are not so good, but I dont know the current state of the game - this will a big tons of work. for me personal - with good sound effects the game comes alive.
- animations are not so smooth right now - they're not bad but they can be better (comparing to graphics they seem a bit low)

if you can include keyboard support and i bet more youtubers will play and share your game.

This is so beautifly and creepy. 

I would buy a full version

very good game. good concept, clean programming.

thanks for your hard work

very good art style. would like to see more

Very disturbing game :D

 great work

The first jumpscare was killing me. not joking.

Very intense atmosphere

this was so cute and nice! very good job. I love those games!

interesting game. keep on going!

Very funny game but i was a bit confused sometimes

Your Game looks awsome!

Would like to see more. funny ending :;D