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I absolutely loved this video! Entertaining but also a good analysis. I did want to expand on this game a lot more, but time constraints required me to cut off a lot of features I originally wanted. However, due a few people's response to this game, and yours included, I think I'm gonna try and make a full game out of this in future. I'm gonna leave this one as it is for now, just a silly wave-based jam game, and create something a bit better later down the line. Full story and everything. In future. 

Thanks for making this video, and glad you enjoyed the game, and I really appreciate your feedback too!

That is fantastic, for a game simply based with two colors I would love to see what kind of story develops.  It does seem like "destroying the darkness" would be the central theme if you went off of this game as a base.  I will definitely check it out when You post it.