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This is beautiful. :)

I'll give it a more serious shot later, but the Tree Gallery tree looks awesome, great work!

I like the water depth mechanic! Creating the different root shapes depending on where the water is.

Maybe you could add some form of phototropism? To do something similar with the branches.

yeah! Phototropism would be great.  I plan to do it (even if i didn't know the word, thanks to you), something like the higher it is, the more luminosity there is, and some shadow area to simulate the other trees around, as if we were in a forest. It'll be really interesting and add some constraints in the growth of branches. Thanks!

Haha, I didn't remember the name as well, only mechanism.

But yeah, that is exactly as I meant it. Looking forward to it!

Thanks! I'm also amazed by the gallery :) You can add your tree too!