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Thank you! 
Regarding the jumpscare... well, there was a subtle meaning behind it. But you know, this game was one of my first "experiments" on the same matter I thoroughly perfectioned through my other games, which led to the most "critically acclaimed" one:

Between "The Hair In The Wall" and "sleepthrough" (and after) I released many other games, always trying to push the boundaries of what is perceived as an "experience" rather than a "game". 
Just take a look here:
Among them you can find other Junji Ito, David Lynch, and "Silent Hill" related references (since they are part of the main "inspirational-background" behind everything I create).
This is a personal selection of those I'd like you to try (in order of release):
But feel free to start with sleepthrough to give to "that well refined horror game" a humble (but deserved) chance. 😉
Thanks again and bye! 👋

ohhhh will do, thanks!