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I replayed it to get all the stories and absolutely loved it (was about 90min)! I’ll keep an eye on that halloween update! Absolutely loved the deathbed confession story!!

How long is an average playthrough? Thanks :)

ABSOLUTELY loved this!


SO GOOD! Immediately bought the artbook to show support, can't wait for more!!

Really good game, thanks so much!

Good stuff! Can't wait to check out the new episode!

That was great, thanks!

Hey, super neat stuff, thanks!


Great update! You've come so far! Great improvements.

Weak start but great animations on the dude! There is no "ending" to the demo except getting caught by him right?

Great potential here, thanks for the demo!

This was great, thanks!

This was great, thanks!

Really enjoyed this, thanks!

That was amazing, thank you. I hope to see more games like this in the future!!


Such a great demo, can't wait to see more!!! ♥


Thanks for the beautiful game.

Had a really good time playing this, thanks!! Looking forward to the full game.

of course! I’m happy you like it!

Great stuff! I died so many times though hahaha! Maybe more checkpoints in an update or a no-death mode so people can enjoy the story? Also the subs went by so fast I sometimes crashed my sub just trying to read it! Still, I always love me something Lovecraftian ♥ Thanks!!

I just played it for about half an hour before giving up. It looks and plays really cool so I hope that a future build might be a bit more accessible. 

How about maybe having her find pencil and paper, so she can draw a map as she goes? I found the corridor with a screwdriver and got the pipe, but then got stuck and eventually died: couldn't even find the screwdriver anymore the second time. And then for easy mode, you could maybe even highlight rooms on the map where there are still available actions. Don't know how doable that is programming-wise, but I feel like a mini-map would make the game playable.

Wow the corridor monster really got me haha! Good job.

Would probably have been better without a monster? :)

So good! Love the atmosphere you created in that short time span!!

Very interesting, personally loved the Japanese. Thanks!

ohhhh will do, thanks!

Very good although the jumpscare at the end is unnecessary :)

Very good, I enjoyed it, thanks!

Wish it wasn't so buggy but still original ideas here so I'm sure it'll only get better from here!

ever thought of doing the voices in Thai? That would be really cool!

Good enemy design, has some potential :)

Definitely notice the effort that went into it, just wish there was more to do! :)

Looks very promising but too hard at this point for me :)