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copypasting doesn't work?


copy/paste should work: select a group of notes with right-click and dragging the selection rectangle around the notes to copy (note are highlighted in white). Then ctrl-C, ctrl-V, and finally move the copied notes to another position.

If it still doesn’t work, can you describe what you are doing and what is happening?

when I move the notes, there are no copies left behind. Ctrl-c Ctrl-v doesn't work for some reason, as do ctrl-z etc. , and the cmd-c, cmd-v, cmd-z etc. don't work either!


I’m not sure to know what is the problem, but it might be caused by a conflict with the browser’s own shortcuts handlers. Just by curiosity, can you tell me which web browser you are using?

To try to fix that, I added a new option in the settings menu to allow using shortcuts without pressing ctrl/cmd keys. ctrl+Z just become Z, and so on.

You need to refresh the page after changing the option for it to take effect.

still doesn't work, and i'm using Firefox


I tested on Firefox and I had the same issue as you. But the new option fixed the problem for me.

Please make sure you checked the “do not require ctrl/cmd” radio button in the Petaporon’s settings (top-left corner button). Then reload the page (make sure the option is still set after reloading. Petaporon store the settings in the browser’s local storage).

Only press Z to cancel (ctrl+Z will probably still conflict with Firefox, so Petaporon will not receive the keystroke). Similarly, only press X, C and V to cut, copy and paste selection of notes.


now it works! thank you