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Nice Ending!
Maybe add a Key on the Keyboard to make it go down faster?
And also make it more obvious that you can change the speed of & toggle the autoclicker, also why is a lower multiplier for that leading to faster speed? Or did you mean to write seconds?

what does it do


Thank you!
Check out the speedrunning section (down in the comments) if you are interested in more content after you finished all the levels or contact me on discord at de_g0od#3455 if you want to talk a bit

was this made during the gamejam? Because the SoldiersOps2.rar file was added on the 10th of July at 9:16, so right after the jam started

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if you speedran the game, send us a screenshot/video!
You might have to click to see everything
Current speedruns:

lvl 1|tutorial|00:02:33|by de_g0od [Video lost or not cut yet]
lvl 4|block|00:03:45|by de_g0od [Video lost or not cut yet]
lvl 6|long pit|00:01:46|by de_g0od [With Video] OR 00:01:39| by a Friend of mine [Without Video, but I saw him in RL do it]
lvl 7|vertical 2|±8 seconds|by Vuile_Rat [No Video]
lvl 8|tut: lasers|00:02:04|by de_g0od [With Video]
lvl 9|return|00:05:00|by de_g0od [With Video]
lvl 11|snake|00:05:24|by de_g0od [With Video]
lvl 12|jumps|00:07:58|by de_g0od [With Video]
lvl 14|challenge 1|00:18:21|by de_g0od [With Video but not cut yet]
lvl 15|challenge 2|00:09:48|by de_g0od[With Video but not cut yet]

Get your name on that list
Also current WR holders:
Vuile_Rat, de_g0od, IRL Friend of de_g0od

I have a mac computer :O

Fullscreen would have been nice
Fun concept nonetheless

for my lower than 4k display, the text doesn't show up at all & I can't play the game

you didn't upload anything


is this a reference to a german kid tv show

seems to work now

Nice game! Got 7350

now it works! thank you

still doesn't work, and i'm using Firefox

when I move the notes, there are no copies left behind. Ctrl-c Ctrl-v doesn't work for some reason, as do ctrl-z etc. , and the cmd-c, cmd-v, cmd-z etc. don't work either!

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oh bruh it works thank you xD
Edit: It's 2 players and i'm alone lol

It is looking like that, but where is the play button?

there is no play button. I waited for 5 minutes and there was none


copypasting doesn't work?

stuck on title screen?

ok thanks!

A bummer you don't update it so mac version actually works :(

hey uhh so how do you change the length of a sound?


not bad!

thank you!
I tried contacting you before but that was difficult as you had blocked me

hey @bradysoglin so uhh I was banned a few months ago from the discord for "30 days" and i'm still banned what's that about

wait it's 123 days I should have said that

im gonna try that

can't open the mac app

what are the controls

I can't do walljumps

Upgrade Game community · Created a new topic Speedrun

are debug controls allowed for speedruns?

is there no mac release? also what is it about?

seems like you've spent some time on this, and tho the art might not be perfect it seems interesting

there is only 1 type (not upgradable) building and 1 enemy