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Very fun, game, if I had to criticize, the dash ability lets you skip large parts of the levels (especially lvl 3), some expected collision issues and also you seem to not have set some graphic setting in unity to pixelart as there are white lines showing up. But as I said, very well done!

I just saw your game is coming for steam, its featured under the coming soon tab in the economy tab, and couldn't believe what I was seeing as I played it here on itch a month ago. Congratulations!

thank you for the script! It's currently very slow (roughly 1-2 seconds per Game), is that the highest speed permitted by

did they state why they arent implement this?

it's name your own price on Google Play doesn't support that feature so he set it to a roughly appropriate amount for a mobile port.

could I just ask:

I understand you are just a mod, but can't you bring this up to the devs?

just wanted to note:
steam does have the option to blacklist stuff, it's just buried in the settings, so it's less of a "today i don't want this" and more like a "i don't want to see horror stuff at all"

congrats on getting featured in a major video! I played this a while ago but it's good to see you are finally getting more recognition.

good art, but not very good gameplay...

interesting game!

Just played it, got to lvl 20. Interesting concept, but definitely needs some work if you want to get some replayability out of it. Some ideas:
-Make the levels show up as numbers, not stars, stars fill up the screen
-Generally more things to do

thanks! also thanks for fixing the browser version, i'll check it out later

lmao that's not a mac version

how can you be neutral? I don't understand, I thought this was a very clear-cut conflict, either you are for it, or you are against it (and both can be active or silent)

thank you for this experience. I was wondering, where are the almost 5 thousand flowers? Are filled servers inaccessible?

I couldn't find anything about it when wandering about

Oh my gosh I played this years ago and tried finding it again because it was so good and I've finally found it!!!

fun concept but definitely too easy to get into a never ending run, should get more difficult over time

Loving the style but too slow-paced. Got to 1000 kills after hours of just killing everything, then left my computer on for the night, ended up with a HI of 2589 kills, 122 waves, 143 towers and 14740 money spent

it opens once per person every real life day

Fantastic game!
3 days in a row, but I won't be able to play for a while now, so here's my review:
Really relaxing, something to look forward to, neat Idea, good graphics, only thing that's REALLY annoying is the animations. The Fading part is fine, but please just make the outer view sync up with the closer view, because currently after the fade they are just gonna teleport.
But all in all a great game, good job!


Good core, but it got boring pretty quickly, got to 2600 and then quit because I hadn't even been hit once due to bad hit detection

ugh, parse error again

neat! My highscore is 5 fights entered before completion, could have been better but at some point the attack speed button glitched

got a parse error :(

Neat Concept! (although it's trivial for any tabletop rp player to correspond the xdy+z with the correct dice and mods).
Small missed opportunity: making score correspond to the dice rolls resulting from the dice, making the tactical choice of prioritizing not just the lowest amount of drags.

not bad!

fullscreen key didn't work for me tho

interesting game... got bored/stuck for 15+ minutes in the 40's

sorry, but this is way too laggy for me to play... please add options to reduce graphics level and/or resolution

amazingly done!!!
But if you want to change anything:
-Sometimes the movement is clunky, and in some doorways you can make yourself invisible
-I was so disappointed when I arrived at my grandfathers grave, didn't have flowers, went back to the flower shop and my response to "did you forget anything" was a no.

Still, an amazing game, especially the art direction!


Rest in peace, Technoblade!


this is way too laggy

this is amazing

that's sad... I really enjoyed it and wanted to keep playing after the objectives, but after building, upgrading & filling every storage up and listening to stories there's not much more to do, it's just too short right now :(

why are all your games so short??

please expand this!

I got stuck at the beginning too lol

dw I wrote this comment more as a joke lol as this seems to be more of a "for fun" project than an actually fleshed out competitive minesweeper version