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now it works! thank you

still doesn't work, and i'm using Firefox

when I move the notes, there are no copies left behind. Ctrl-c Ctrl-v doesn't work for some reason, as do ctrl-z etc. , and the cmd-c, cmd-v, cmd-z etc. don't work either!

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oh bruh it works thank you xD
Edit: It's 2 players and i'm alone lol

It is looking like that, but where is the play button?

there is no play button. I waited for 5 minutes and there was none


copypasting doesn't work?

stuck on title screen?

ok thanks!

A bummer you don't update it so mac version actually works :(

hey uhh so how do you change the length of a sound?


not bad!

thank you!
I tried contacting you before but that was difficult as you had blocked me

hey @bradysoglin so uhh I was banned a few months ago from the discord for "30 days" and i'm still banned what's that about

wait it's 123 days I should have said that

im gonna try that

can't open the mac app

what are the controls

I can't do walljumps

Upgrade Game community · Created a new topic Speedrun

are debug controls allowed for speedruns?

is there no mac release? also what is it about?

seems like you've spent some time on this, and tho the art might not be perfect it seems interesting

there is only 1 type (not upgradable) building and 1 enemy

I think it's cause the file is mac 32 bit I have mac 64 bit and it gives me an error too

randomly generated?


I knew I knew it from somewhere :)

I had a map with three other ports, starting from the home one without a specific route each was no danger+I was't able to uncover anything

I am interested but have mac and most games forget that there are other OS than Windows

infinite when you are stuck

no I wanted to talk to brady

hey can I talk to you for a sec

I message you over itch cause I just realized 30 days are over

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it's probably cause i have mac 64 bit and not 32 bit
(so newest)

cant use the mac version but i'm a mac user

what about mac release

hey I cant open the Mac version but I'm using mac

(late response by just another guy playing it)
the color is the health bar

please :)

can I enter the discord? I dont have facebook or twitter