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Adorable animation, and exactly what I was looking for for my little OST Jam entry, Bombercat - and I see you just added wallgrab and wallclimb animations! I was planning on implementing that in the game originally, but didn't get around to it during the jam.

Oh thanks! It's so nice to run around with bombercat! I guess the bombs don't do anything? Since this was a jam and your first try at Godot, it's pretty sweet! The cat and camera movement feel nice and smooth :) I recently also started to learn Godot and it's great.

Thanks! Well, the bomb particles are active physics, and deal damage, so they can hurt the cat, and you can also use bombs to launch other bombs - but that's about all at this point. :-D I focused mainly on just learning the basics, and getting my usual "perfect pixels with native resolution positioning" going (the way I do it in Kobo Redux), because I wanted to make sure Godot can deliver the kind of smooth player experience I want. And, clearly, it can! There are some minor issues and messy areas, but overall, Godot has been a great experience so far. Might use it for non-game dev as well, as it's actually a lot smoother to use than traditional GUI toolkit solutions, especially if you need to go beyond the basic controls. I'm wondering what it would take to integrate it into VST plugins and the like...

very fun i just gave it a play. nice work! :)


Thank you! :-)
There is a TODO and design document for the game now, actually. I hope to get back to it eventually.