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Oh thanks! I'm glad you like it :) And yes that's just fine. Credit is appreciated but not necessary.

Thank you!

Oh thanks! It's so nice to run around with bombercat! I guess the bombs don't do anything? Since this was a jam and your first try at Godot, it's pretty sweet! The cat and camera movement feel nice and smooth :) I recently also started to learn Godot and it's great.

Hi there, I have barely been active online during this xmas and new years period, but I'll get back at it soon. I received your messages on facebook and I'll reply to you early next week as soon as I get a chance. Thanks for showing interest in my work, it means a lot! Happy New Year!

Oh sorry, DMs are set to public now.

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Hi! Firstly, thank you for purchasing CATSET! It means a lot. I'm not sure if I have the time for commissioned work to be honest. I'm super busy struggling with getting my own projects off the ground, but I am flattered and interested. As you probably know, commissions will be a bit more pricey than this catset which is available to everyone. Feel free to send me a direct message on twitter and we can chat there. My facebook page is also an option :)



Oh thank you, so nice to know, glad you like it :)

Awesome, thanks!

Oh nice, thanks! Glad you like it :) It was fun to bring this little kitty to life and hopefully I'll get the time to make more assets in the future.

Oh, well thanks for the kind words! It means a lot :)