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Ok done! You can buy each asset for 25% off, or the whole bundle for 40% off :)

Yes you can :) You are welcome to use these art assets in any kind of project, just as long as you don't sell the assets individually. You don't need to credit me either, although I would appreciate it, but no worries if you don't.

Hi, hehe yeah I guess I can do that. I've got an "odd bundle" on sale right now, but I'm guessing you want Catset in some bundle. Any wishes for what else you would like in the bundle?

Hi there, I'm so sorry about your cat :( I can put catset on sale, but if you're tight on finances, send me a message on twitter and we can work something out. If you're not on twitter then we can do email too, or dicord, or whatever.

Oh sorry about that! Glad you still like the asset pack :)

Oh it's ok :) Glad you got it sorted out!

I am honest. I made that video with the spritesheets in this asset pack. They are exactly the same.

Well, no, sorry. I'd have to make a whole other Catset from scratch for that.

I'm pretty swamped these days with other projects, but yeah if I get the time I'll keep it in mind :)

I can see them. They look awesome :)

Thanks! :)

Thanks! :) I think at least "fright" would be a good addition to this pack. Right now I'm swamped with work, but I'll see if I can add something in the future. Not sure when I'll get the chance though, but I'll keep it in mind.

I might add to it in the future yeah, just super busy with other projects at the moment. Oh and thanks! Glad you like Catset :)

Oh that's awesome! :)

Great that the asset packs works so nicely for you,  makes me happy :) Thanks for the suggestions. I might do them if I get the time, but I'm super busy lately.

Thank you! I'm incredibly busy at the moment, so I probably won't add new animations to the pack any time soon, but I'll keep it in mind for the future.

You're welcome and thanks for buying! I hope these assets come in handy for you :)

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Hi, ok sure :)  I just made a bundle for all my asset packs with a discount of over 25%: Right now it only lasts until the end of this month, but I can extend it too if needed.

Each animation is 60 x 60 pixels. The doggy is about 40 pixels wide and 30 pixels high, but it differs depending on the animation.

Oh this story just warms my heart, thank you for sharing <3

Hi, and thanks! Not a glitch. The reason why you didn't have to pay extra is because you already own it. I added two new cats to the set, and then I raised the price a little bit, but everyone who already owns the asset pack should get anything new I add for free :)

Awesome, that game looks great! Thanks for the comment and kind words, it's nice to know how people use these cats and that you like them :)

Hi there, you can send me a message on twitter :)

Hello, I just replied to you on twitter :)

That's great! I'm glad these kittens helped you out and thanks for the kind words :)

Thank you! I just joined in on the itch halloween sale and put all my animal packs on sale :)

It's ok, sorry if I sounded bitter.

Thanks for the compliment!

I'll think about it, but to be honest here; I'm selling these assets for dirt cheap while struggling to buy food and pay rent. This is definitely not my only income, but I'm poor as hell. Providing 16 animations for the price of a coffee already feels bad enough.

I know there are many artists here who have free assets, and perhaps it's a good way to get followers and to sell priced assets, and it's just generally awesome, so I'll consider it... but it feels bad when you're already selling your stuff for almost nothing, and then people still ask to get your hard work for free.

Oh wow thank you!

Nice! Good luck and have fun :)

Haha yep! :P


Oh thank you for the kind words, and I'm glad you like my assets :) I'm planning on making more, just been a bit busy with other projects. Good luck with your first full game!

This is super impressive for 48 hours. The overall representation looks great for such a small amount of time and the whole game remains consistent in its polish. It took me a while to understand the rules/mechanics, and after some time it became a bit of a chore to keep switching cards, but other than it was great and weaving an emotional story into the gameplay completed the whole experience. Amazing work!

Oh thank you for the support and for letting me know! I'll fix it too in the near future.

Oh an owl would be nice! I'll keep this in mind, and a bat too. Things like dragonflies and ladybugs are super tiny if I want to keep the sizes consistent, and I'm not sure if I'm capable, but I might give it a go one day.

Nice! It's so cool to see the crow moving around in an actual game world, and it seems to suit the rest of the art pretty well too. Everything looks great.

I'm actually not sure what to make next, but a bat might be something I could do. Any other birds you would be interested in? I'm a bit busy nowadays with other things, but I'll try to get around to making another asset pack in the future.

Thanks, I'm glad you like it :) I'm planning on making some sort of megapack in the future, but not sure yet if I want to make some more animals first.

The main reason why Catset is slightly more pricey than the rest, is because there are two cats with a lot of animations.

When I added an extra fox to Foxpack, I considered raising the price, but then decided nah.

I'm already selling these assets for dirt cheap, so lowering the price is simply not worth it.

Oh you were not being rude at all! I appreciate that you mentioned it, thanks! And thanks for the compliments, I'm really glad you like my animations. 

It's great that you could fix the positioning yourself, but I went ahead and fixed this asset pack anyway for everyone else.

All spritesheet frames and gifs are now 40x40 pixels and it should be a lot less hassle to use them now.