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-that was pretty lovely, reading through it, it felt really rewarding to choosing to go the non-bimbo path. This would also leave the door open to change her still later on.

Only thought here is that this work beautifully as a demo or a (one-path dating route) where she is the focus.  But let's say in the future if it became possible to interact with all the main six girls, wouldn't it be weird to have all the non-bimbo couple endings at same time? Maybe there can't be more than 1 couple ending if everyone is still at level 0 bimbo?

Just wanted to throw that thought out there even though it wouldn't play the slightest role in the demo.

Don't mind drawing the cutscenes once a script is made. Shouldn't be too difficult making edits depedending on the bimbo levels. Would say the art shouldn't be the limitation at the moment.

It looks great! Love it, will work on integrating it.

As for your 'multiple couple endings' thing, again, it helps a lot that we're stealing a lot of design choices from Persona.

In the Persona series, having multiple romances usually results in you choosing one to spend time with on Valentine's Day. The next day, every other girl you've been cheating on calls you out, resulting in a comedic and humiliating response. This seems like a good way to handle That Situation.

While that's a possibility on the multiple couple ending, personally it would feel like the weight of the writing gets taken away if there's not been used any bimbo magic at all. Would it be possible to only allow one couple ending if there's not been used bimbo magic once?

Absolutely, a simple matter of not letting the player choose other couple endings once they're already on one.